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2nd Speech Series Released for Polygamy Rights Movement

Date: May 02, 2012
Word Count: 1000 words
Cross-Reference: polygamy speeches, polygamy videos, polygamy rights

In early 2012, the second series of professional speeches was released for the National Polygamy Rights Movement for Consenting Adults, followed by an extra, special video on the third anniversary of a historic speech from 2009 presented at a political Public Hearing.

Starting   in   September,   2011,   National   Polygamy   Advocate,   Mark   Henkel,   released   "Season   One"   of   ten   "polygamy   rights"   speeches,   previously   recorded   before   live,   non-polygamous   audiences.     Uploading   a   video   of   one   speech   each   week   to   the   new   YouTube   channel,   "MarkHenkelPolygamy,"   that   "Season   One"   was   completed   after   the   first   ten   speeches   were   all   posted   by   November   10,   2011.     The   next   ten   speeches   of   "Season   Two"   were   subsequently   uploaded   each   week   from   January   26   to   March   29,   2012.   A   month   later,   one   extra   special   video   was   posted   on   the   third-year   anniversary   of   the   National   Polygamy   Advocate's   historic   political   "testimony"   speech   in   2009.     The   videos   of   all   of   these   speeches   provide   the   National   Polygamy   Rights   Movement   for   Consenting   Adults   with   genuinely   powerful   tools   for   promoting   their   fight   for   freedom. 
Although   individually   released   in   a   different   and   individualized   order,   the   videos   in   "Season   Two"   can   be   categorized   according   to   their   related   purposes:   women,   Q&A,   free   speech,   and   movement. 
The   first   category   includes   three   speeches   involving   issues   about   women,   providing   a   personal   insight   into   the   actuality   of   living   as   a   polygamous   family.     The   lesson   of   "The   Power   of   Attracting   Woman's   Choice,"   explains   that   it   is   women   who   choose   the   man   (especially   in   polygamy),   which   thereby   requires   men   to   smarten   up   seriously   high   enough   to   learn   how   to   actually   attract   women's   choice.     "My   First   &   Legal   Wife   is   a   Wonderful   Woman"   is   Mark   Henkel's   very   first   speech   posted   online   that   included   content   actually   involving   his   own   personal   family;   for   that   reason,   this   first   speech   of   its   kind   from   him   is   about   the   very   first   woman   in   his   married   life.     The   third   presentation   in   this   category,   "Gotta   Make   Them   Happy   (Polygamy   is   NOT   Easy   for   the   Guy!),"   gives   another   personal   family   story   in   a   very   entertaining   presentation,   showing   the   very   real   challenge   and   crisis   that   a   non-polygamous   man   will   otherwise   never   have   to   overcome,   and   thereby   humorously   -   yet   clearly   -   proving   the   point   of   the   parenthetical   portion   of   the   title. 
The   second   category   consists   of   videos   of   Mark   Henkel   presenting   speeches   from   a   lectern   in   a   press   conference   format,   after   which   he   conducts   a   Q&A   session   with   the   live   non-polygamous   audience.     "We   Always   Opposed   All   Criminals"   adamantly   declares   how   the   National   Polygamy   Rights   Movement   for   Consenting   Adults   has   also   always   opposed   the   criminals   which   the   media   have   otherwise   misreported   as   supposed   "polygamists."     "The   'Mathematics   of   Polygamy'   is   False"   provides   the   facts   to   show   how   the   unproven   theory   -   i.e.,   that   allowing   polygamy   would   somehow   deprive   men   of   access   to   women   by   supposedly   distorting   the   ratio   of   men   to   women   -   is   simply   untrue   and   that   the   real   issue   to   consider   is   the   actual   ratio   (and   under-supply)   of   men-who-want-to-marry-women   to   women-who-want-to-marry-men.     The   third   speech,   "2   Professors'   Opinions   NOT   Based   on   Evidence,"   expressly   proves   how   the   biased   anti-polygamy   opinions   of   two   professors   -   who   had   both   testified   in   a   constitutionality   test-case   in   British   Columbia,   Canada   -   had   not   been   based   on   any   relevant   evidence   whatsoever.      
The   third   category   directly   addresses   the   issue   of   free   speech   for   polygamists.     Whereas   the   previous   "Season   One"   of   videos   had   included   a   video   that   explained   how   anti-polygamy   laws   had   criminalized   free   speech,   this   "Season   Two"   provided   a   new   legal-argument   speech   titled,   "Supreme   Court   De-Criminalized   Free   Speech   (on   March   2,   2011)."     This   important   presentation   details   how   the   precedent-setting   arguments   used   by   the   U.S.   Supreme   Court   -   in   the   Snyder   v.   Phelps   case   of   2011   -   had   fully   overturned   the   portions   of   most   anti-polygamy   laws   that   otherwise   made   polygamists'   free   speech   a   crime.    
The   fourth   category   includes   three   speeches   detailing   how   the   polygamy   rights   movement   succeeds,   continues   to   grow,   and   moves   forward   offering   benefits   to   society   beyond   the   movement   itself.     "The   House   of   Cards   of   Anti-Polygamy"   demonstrates   how   anti-polygamy   thinking   in   modern   society   is   built   upon   a   "house   of   cards"   of   different   political   constituencies   -   and   this   speech   also   reveals   how   to   "bring   it   down"   by   removing   the   "first   floor."     The   next   speech,   "Irresistible   Force   &   Immovable   Object   (Solving   the   Marriage   Control   Conundrum),"   is   certainly   one   of   Henkel's   most   powerfully   persuasive   presentations,   as   he   respectively   shows   both   sides   of   the   marriage   debate   how   their   own   individual   values   actually   compel   them   to   embrace   the   Polygamy   Rights   Win-Win   Solution   to   end   the   marriage   debate.     The   final   speech,   "History   &   Importance   of   Love-Not-Force,"   shows   how   the   new   paradigm   of   love-not-force   first   began   as   a   standard   for   the   new   movement   of   Christian   Polygamy,   how   it   then   grew   from   there   to   be   the   standard   for   the   larger   overall   National   Polygamy   Rights   Movement   for   Consenting   Adults,   and   how   it   has   since   grown   beyond   the   movement   to   now   become   a   standard   for   living   that   anyone   can   embrace,   whether   or   not   one   is   a   Christian,   and   whether   or   not   one   supports   polygamy.     Ultimately,   this   third   speech   shows   how,   even   beyond   polygamy,   love-not-force   has   changed   -   and   is   still   changing   -   the   course   of   history. 
Finally,   one   month   after   the   ten   videos   of   "Season   Two"   were   all   uploaded,   one   extra   video   was   also   added,   "Mark   Henkel   Polygamy   Testimony   at   Hearing   for   Same   Sex   Marriage   4-22-09   Maine."     Unlike   the   other   posted   speeches,   this   was   the   historic   speech   where   the   National   Polygamy   Advocate   famously   proposed   his   Polygamy   Rights   Win-Win   Solution   to   end   the   marriage   debate   at   a   political   Public   Hearing   of   over   4,000   people.     Celebrating   that   historic   moment,   the   video   was   uploaded   on   the   third-year   anniversary,   April   22,   2012. 
Now,   the   "Season   Two"   has   concluded,   along   with   an   extra   video   of   a   historic   political-activism   speech.     These   new   videos   provide   polygamy   rights   activists   and   supporters   with   even   more   tools   to   successfully   promote   the   fight   for   polygamists'   freedom.     At   the   same   time,   these   are   also   necessary   resources   for   media   requesting   interviews,   for   meeting   planners   seeking   to   book   speaking   engagements   with   the   National   Polygamy   Advocate,   Mark   Henkel,   and   for   anyone   else   who   is   either   researching   or   just   trying   to   learn   more   about   polygamy   rights   for   consenting   adults. 
But   that   is   not   the   end   of   the   story.     These   videos   have   already   led   to   some   powerful   new   opportunity   and   success,   still   yet   to   be   reported.     With   these   persuasive   tools   and   resulting   successes,   the   polygamists'   fight   for   freedom   unceasingly   advances.        


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