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2018 Aug 19
Pro-Polygamists Celebrate 18th Annual 'Polygamy Day'
On August 19, 2018, unrelated consenting adult polygamy supporters (UCAPs) are celebrating "Polygamy Day 18" - the eighteenth year of annual Polygamy Day ® celebrations.

2018 Aug 07
National Polygamy Advocate PODCAST Archiving Media Interviews
Posting past media interviews, not only is this historic new podcast archiving history, but it is making history too.

2018 Jul 25 Celebrates 15 Years of News & Views to Media
From 2003, the first & only web-site to distribute real news & views from the pro-polygamy view to the media, is now 15 years old.

2018 Jul 03
Canadian Judge Sentences Polygamists to House Arrest, Not Jail
After pushing Canada backwards by finding two men "guilty of polygamy" in 2017, the same Judge decided to not sentence them to jail in 2018.

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From the Archives of
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