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Pro-Polygamy Articles

2017 Aug 07
Finding Polygamists 'Guilty of Polygamy' Pushes Canada Backwards
After anti-polygamy law deemed "constitutional" to criminalize in Canada, one lone judge finds two leaders of Bountiful group "guilty of polygamy," even as case involved only adult women and no other real crimes.

2017 Jun 25
Pro-Polygamists Glad that Fugitive Lyle Jeffs was Caught
"It's like déjà vu all over again." Mark Henkel, National Polygamy Advocate and founder of the organization, responds to the news and is available to media for comment.

2017 Feb 01
Supreme Court Declined to Hear 'Sister Wives' Polygamy case
SCOTUS denied even hearing the Brown v. Buhman petition, letting the appeals court's reversal stand, not even hearing any of the pro-polygamy merits, and bringing the whole issue back to the status quo.

2017 Jan 01
Will Supreme Court Hear 'Sister Wives' Polygamy case in 2017?
As Brown v. Buhman case petitions SCOTUS, "Article 3 standing" technicalities could deny any "merits" of arguments from even being heard.

2016 Aug 19
Pro-Polygamists Celebrate 16th Annual 'Polygamy Day'
On August 19, 2016, unrelated consenting adult polygamy supporters (UCAPs) are celebrating "Polygamy Day 16" – the sixteenth year of annual Polygamy Day ® celebrations. 

2016 Aug 10
Last Steps for Polygamy Heading to Supreme Court in 2017

2015 Aug 19
Pro-Polygamists Celebrate 15th Annual 'Polygamy Day'

2015 Jun 28
Obergefell – Half-Right & Half-Wrong (Still Against Polygamy)

2015 Jun 27
SCOTUS: States Must License Same Sex Marriage (but not Polygamy)

2014 Sep 02
Judge Awards Damages to Polygamists for Utah Violating Rights

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