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Pro-Polygamists Celebrate 11th Annual 'Polygamy Day'

Date: Aug 19, 2011
Word Count: 300 words
Cross-Reference: Polygamy Day, August 19, polygamy activism

On August 19, 2011, consenting adult pro-polygamists throughout America are celebrating "Polygamy Day 11" – an annual celebration which began ten years ago today.

Every year, August 19th is the official Polygamy Day ®.   Supporters of consenting-adult polygamy rights have been annually celebrating this special date, ever since the very first "Polygamy Day 1" occurred ten years ago on August 19, 2001.   Because that original celebration occurred in the "Year 1" of the new millennium, each subsequent "Polygamy Day" is identified numerically on up to the current "Polygamy Day 11" on August 19, 2011. 

In what began as a get-together in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, among non-Mormon, non-Muslim polygamy rights activists, the annual celebration blossomed into a widespread and religiously-neutral individual celebration among all forms of consenting-adult pro-polygamists around the country. 

Polygamy Day ® is promoted by Polygamy Day, Inc.   The corporation was officially formed in 2002 in the state of Maine. The federal trademark registration was officially filed on "Polygamy Day 6" (in 2006). In a surprising irony, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office officially registered the corporation’s trademark, Polygamy Day ®, on June 26, 2007 - the fourth anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court decision, Lawrence v. Texas. 

Activists individually use each August 19th as a recognition of the preceding year’s political and legal events in the advance of freedom for consenting-adult polygamists.   Individual strategies for the next year of polygamy rights activism are also considered and even planned. 

Information about Polygamy Day, Inc. and a generalized history of Polygamy Day ® are available online at   Specific news from over the previous year impacting consenting adult polygamists and leading up to "Polygamy Day 11" appears at 

With news events over the previous year giving both hope and cause for specific activism in the fight for freedom, consenting-adult pro-polygamists throughout America definitely have ever-growing reason to celebrate on this August 19, 2011 - "Polygamy Day 11," this eleventh year of celebrations! 


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2011 Jun 17
Ann Coulter Supports Polygamy Rights or She is "Certifiable"
After she first attacked the limited government solution for ending the marriage control debate, Coulter admitted that private individuals could indeed solve the rhetorical questions she raised against the solution.
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2011 Nov 17
Speech Series Launched to Promote Polygamy Rights Nationally
In Autumn 2011, the first series of professional speeches was launched as a set of tools to promote polygamy rights for the National Polygamy Rights Movement for Consenting Adults.

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