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Pro-Polygamists Celebrate 11th Annual 'Polygamy Day'

Date: Aug 19, 2011
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Cross-Reference: Polygamy Day, August 19, polygamy activism

On August 19, 2011, consenting adult pro-polygamists throughout America are celebrating "Polygamy Day 11" – an annual celebration which began ten years ago today.

Every   year,   August   19th   is   the   official   Polygamy   Day   ®.     Supporters   of   consenting-adult   polygamy   rights   have   been   annually   celebrating   this   special   date,   ever   since   the   very   first   "Polygamy   Day   1"   occurred   ten   years   ago   on   August   19,   2001.     Because   that   original   celebration   occurred   in   the   "Year   1"   of   the   new   millennium,   each   subsequent   "Polygamy   Day"   is   identified   numerically   on   up   to   the   current   "Polygamy   Day   11"   on   August   19,   2011. 
In   what   began   as   a   get-together   in   Old   Orchard   Beach,   Maine,   among   non-Mormon,   non-Muslim   polygamy   rights   activists,   the   annual   celebration   blossomed   into   a   widespread   and   religiously-neutral   individual   celebration   among   all   forms   of   consenting-adult   pro-polygamists   around   the   country. 
Polygamy   Day   ®   is   promoted   by   Polygamy   Day,   Inc.     The   corporation   was   officially   formed   in   2002   in   the   state   of   Maine.   The   federal   trademark   registration   was   officially   filed   on   "Polygamy   Day   6"   (in   2006).   In   a   surprising   irony,   the   U.S.   Patent   and   Trademark   Office   officially   registered   the   corporation’s   trademark,   Polygamy   Day   ®,   on   June   26,   2007   -   the   fourth   anniversary   of   the   U.S.   Supreme   Court   decision,   Lawrence   v.   Texas. 
Activists   individually   use   each   August   19th   as   a   recognition   of   the   preceding   year’s   political   and   legal   events   in   the   advance   of   freedom   for   consenting-adult   polygamists.     Individual   strategies   for   the   next   year   of   polygamy   rights   activism   are   also   considered   and   even   planned. 
Information   about   Polygamy   Day,   Inc.   and   a   generalized   history   of   Polygamy   Day   ®   are   available   online   at     Specific   news   from   over   the   previous   year   impacting   consenting   adult   polygamists   and   leading   up   to   "Polygamy   Day   11"   appears   at 
With   news   events   over   the   previous   year   giving   both   hope   and   cause   for   specific   activism   in   the   fight   for   freedom,   consenting-adult   pro-polygamists   throughout   America   definitely   have   ever-growing   reason   to   celebrate   on   this   August   19,   2011   -   "Polygamy   Day   11,"   this   eleventh   year   of   celebrations! 


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