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Conservative Media Acts 'Liberal' Too

Date: Feb 17, 2005
Word Count: 750 words
Cross-Reference:, O'Reilly Factor, The Passion

The conservative media uses the same "liberal" tactics on polygamy as the liberal media employs on other conservative issues.

Most   conservative   media   outlets   decry   what   conservatives   see   as   the   liberal   media's   bias-tactics   of   misrepresentation   and   non-journalistic   balance.     Believing   that   liberals   have   employed   those   two   methods   so   frequently,   conservatives   now   label   anyone   as   a   "liberal"   who   uses   such   tactics.    
In   the   Spring   of   2004,   many   conservative   Christians   were   excited   about   a   new   movie,   titled,   "The   Passion   of   the   Christ."     Yet   much   of   the   liberal   media   re-iterated   an   obvious   misrepresentation   about   it.   They   repeatedly   suggested   that   the   movie   was   somehow   anti-Semitic. 
Conservative   Christians   and   others   who   actually   saw   the   movie   were   dumbfounded   by   the   distortion.     After   all,   "The   Passion"   was   obviously   not   against   the   Jewish   people   any   differently   than   another   famous   movie,   "Schindler's   List,"   was   obviously   not   against   the   German   people.    
As   well,   not   only   did   the   liberal   media   know   that   their   repeated   misrepresentation   was   false,   but   they   also   would   typically   do   so   without   allowing   any   qualified   conservative   to   rebut   it.     This   was   an   obvious   misrepresentation   with   no   journalistic   balance   -   on   purpose. 
Conservatives   identified   such   unrebutted   misrepresentation   by   the   liberal   media   as   another   defining   example   of   being   "liberal"   itself. 
Yet,   when   it   comes   to   reporting   or   commenting   about   the   topic   of   polygamy,   conservative   media   outlets   turn   out   to   be   such   "liberals"   too. 
On   February   8,   2005,   CEO   and   founder   of   the   conservative,   Joseph   Farah,   wrote,   "The   fact   that   I   predicted   legalized   polygamy   would   be   ushered   in   by   the   same   gymnastics   of   illogic   that   brought   us   same-sex   marriage   gives   me   no   comfort."     In   that   same   article,   titled,     "Marriage   -   the   final   domino,"   Farah   claimed   that   the   "real   downfall   of   marriage"   would   be   with   the   coming   de-criminalization   of   polygamy.     He   said   that   the   final   "domino   to   fall   to   the   confused,   relativistic   mind   is   the   institution   of   marriage." 
In   equating   polygamy   activism   with   liberal,   relativistic   thinking,   Farah   knowingly   misrepresented   the   facts.     As   he   already   knew,   most   polygamists   are   actually   quite   conservative   in   their   thinking. 
Almost   2   years   previously,   on   July   4,   2003,   Farah's   reported   an   interview   with   about   the   (non-Mormon)   Christian   Polygamy   movement   and   its   reaction   to   the   Lawrence   v.   Texas   decision.     A   second   similar   interview   and   report   with   that   same   organization   occurred   a   month   later,   in   the   August   2003   issue   of   WorldNetDaily's   "Whistleblower   magazine." 
In   both   of   those   reports,   made   it   clear   that   Christian   Polygamy   is   more   conservative,   more   constitutional,   more   Bible-based,   and   more   pro-woman   than   most   any   other   conservative   Christians. 
Over   the   nearly   two   years   afterward,   both   --   and   Joseph   Farah,   himself   -   regularly   received   the   polygamy   movement's   op-eds   and   press   releases,   sent   from     While     published   unqualified   pieces   from   even   liberals   and   minors,   they   still   always   chose   to   never   publish   any   of   the   professionally-written   conservative   pro-polygamy   articles. 
Accordingly,   Farah   knew   the   facts   about   the   polygamy   movement,   when   writing   his   article   on   February   8,   2005,   and   he   has   allowed   no   qualified,   current   rebuttal.   This   was   an   obvious   misrepresentation   with   no   journalistic   balance   -   on   purpose. 
But   this   situation   is   not   an   isolated   matter.     Other   conservative   media   have   also   done   the   same   thing. 
Bill   O'Reilly   is   the   conservative   host   of   the   Fox   News   show,   "The   O'Reilly   Factor."     On   February   9,   2005,   O'Reilly   invited   anti-polygamy   author,   Andrea   Moore-Emmett,   as   a   guest   to   promote   her   new   book,   "God's   Brothel." 
The   show   clearly   was   lacking   research.     Indeed,   they   did   not   even   go   to   the   web-site   to   therein   discover   that   author's   lack   of   credibility. 
Instead,   the   web-page   for   O'Reilly's   show   simply   parroted   Moore-Emmett's   anti-polygamy   propaganda:     "It's   an   inside   look   at   the   world   of   polygamy,   including   stories   of   children   forced   into   marriage,   and   accounts   of   rape   and   incest.   What   really   goes   on   inside   these   secret   societies?     Now   women   who   escaped   are   breaking   their   silence   in   a   new   book." 
A   "world   of   polygamy?"     That   assertion   is   as   absurd   a   misrepresentation   as   that   of   calling   18   anecdotal   examples   of   non-polygamous   domestic   violence   a   "world   of   monogamy." 
Most   normal   pro-polygamists   are   not   part   of   some   "secret   society"   and   they   vehemently   oppose   abuse   too.     O'Reilly's   show   has   also   received   the   pro-polygamy   movement's   press   releases,   informing   them   of   that   reality. 
Accordingly,   "The   O'Reilly   Factor"   knew   these   facts   about   the   polygamy   movement   when   airing   their   show   on   February   9,   2005.     Yet,   no   one   from   the   organization   was   ever   invited   to   rebut   Moore-Emmett's   anecdotal   distortions.     This   was   an   obvious   misrepresentation   with   no   journalistic   balance   -   on   purpose. 
These   examples   demonstrate   that,   in   the   same   way   that   liberals   knowingly   misrepresented   "The   Passion"   without   journalistic   balance,   conservatives   knowingly   do   likewise   toward   conservative   pro-polygamists. 
That   fact   betrays   true   conservatives.     According   to   the   conservative   definition   itself,   therefore,   the   conservative   media   acts   "liberal"   too. 


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