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Bush's 'Liberty' Speech Requires 'Polygamy Rights'

Date: Jan 21, 2005
Word Count: 1000 words
Cross-Reference: Bush Inaugural Speech, "polygamy rights", liberty

Numerous quotes from President Bush's Inaugural Speech on Liberty unwittingly show that governmental tyranny and oppression against consenting-adult polygamists must be abolished.

On,   January   20,   2005,   re-elected   President   George   W.   Bush   was   sworn   in   again   for   his   second   term.     His   21-minute   Inaugural   Speech   declared   it   would   be   U.S.   policy   to     promote   liberty   for   all   individuals   throughout   the   world. 
In   quote   after   quote,   the   President   made   it   clear   that   tyranny   must   end.     Liberty   must   prevail.     Although   he   may   not   have   specifically   realized   it,   such   a   genuine   call   to   true   liberty   equally   mandates   that   the   tyranny   of   government   oppression   --   even   inside   the   United   States'   borders   --   against   consenting-adult   polygamists   must   likewise   end. 
Numerous   quotes   in   the   President's   speech,   therefore,   inspire   pro-polygamists   with   great   hope   for   eventual   true   freedom.     The   modern   "polygamy   rights"   movement   will   soon   succeed   --   freedom. 
QUOTE.     "So   it   is   the   policy   of   the   United   States   to   seek   and   support   the   growth   of   democratic   movements   and   institutions   in   every   nation   and   culture,   with   the   ultimate   goal   of   ending   tyranny   in   our   world." 
QUOTE.     "America's   belief   in   human   dignity   will   guide   our   policies,   yet   rights   must   be   more   than   the   grudging   concessions   of   dictators;   they   are   secured   by   free   dissent   and   the   participation   of   the   governed.   In   the   long   run,   there   is   no   justice   without   freedom,   and   there   can   be   no   human   rights   without   human   liberty." 
And   denying   the   human   rights   of   minorities   --   via   unthinking,   lynch-mob   majorities   --   also   denies   human   liberty.     Allowing   the   tyrannical   threat   of   imprisoning   consenting-adult   polygamists   for   just   being   public   about   their   families   --   so   that   they   may   simply   debate   and   explain   their   perspective   in   their   fight   for   their   own   freedom   --   is   as   un-American,   unconstitutional,   and   without   justice   as   it   could   ever   get.     So   that   quote   offers   hope   indeed. 
QUOTE.     "We   do   not   accept   the   existence   of   permanent   tyranny   because   we   do   not   accept   the   possibility   of   permanent   slavery.   Liberty   will   come   to   those   who   love   it." 
QUOTE.     "All   who   live   in   tyranny   and   hopelessness   can   know:   The   United   States   will   not   ignore   your   oppression,   or   excuse   your   oppressors.   When   you   stand   for   your   liberty,   we   will   stand   with   you." 
Pro-polygamists   frequently   do   live   in   hopelessness   from   the   tyranny   of   utterly   unconstitutional   bigamy   laws.     So   the   hope   that   fellow   U.S.   citizens   will   soon   also   stand   for   the   true   liberty   of   consenting-adult   pro-polygamists   certainly   restores   tremendous   hope   too. 
QUOTE.     "Democratic   reformers   facing   repression,   prison,   or   exile   can   know:   America   sees   you   for   who   you   are:   The   future   leaders   of   your   free   country." 
Pro-polygamy   activists   --   knowing   that,   currently,   some   of   their   fellow   citizens   would   eagerly   and   mindlessly   cast   them   into   prison   simply   for   just   being   capable   of   attracting   more   than   one   wife   --   were   hereby   also   given   yet   more   cause   to   rejoice.     That   quote   acknowledged   their   genuine   activism   for   freedom,   as   they   face   persecution   of   the   threat   of   imprisonment   if   they   simply   speak   about   their   personal   families   in   public.     Indeed,   it   showed   that   "Polygamy   Rights"   will   one   day   be   restored   and   that   pro-polygamy   activists   will   also   be   among   the   future   leaders   of   a   truly   free   America. 
QUOTE.     "Americans,   at   our   best,   value   the   life   we   see   in   one   another,   and   must   always   remember   that   even   the   unwanted   have   worth.   And   our   country   must   abandon   all   the   habits   of   racism,   because   we   cannot   carry   the   message   of   freedom   and   the   baggage   of   bigotry   at   the   same   time." 
Consenting-adult   pro-polygamists   have   just   as   great   a   worth   as   any   other   citizen.     So,   in   the   exact   same   way,   the   baggage   of   hysterically   biased   and   obviously   uninformed   bigotry   against   pro-polygamists   also   cannot   be   carried   by   anyone   purporting   to   be   carrying   the   message   of   freedom   to   others.    
QUOTE.     "We   go   forward   with   complete   confidence   in   the   eventual   triumph   of   freedom.   Not   because   history   runs   on   the   wheels   of   inevitability;   it   is   human   choices   that   move   events.   Not   because   we   consider   ourselves   a   chosen   nation;   God   moves   and   chooses   as   He   wills.   We   have   confidence   because   freedom   is   the   permanent   hope   of   mankind,   the   hunger   in   dark   places,   the   longing   of   the   soul." 
Pro-polygamists   have   longed,   hungered,   and   hoped   for   such   triumph   of   true   freedom,   to   be   free   from   anti-polygamy   tyranny. 
QUOTE.     "When   the   Declaration   of   Independence   was   first   read   in   public   and   the   Liberty   Bell   was   sounded   in   celebration,   a   witness   said,   'It   rang   as   if   it   meant   something.'     In   our   time   it   means   something   still.   America,   in   this   young   century,   proclaims   liberty   throughout   all   the   world,   and   to   all   the   inhabitants   thereof.   Renewed   in   our   strength   tested,   but   not   weary,   we   are   ready   for   the   greatest   achievements   in   the   history   of   freedom." 
Pro-Polygamists   do   also   hear   that   ring   and   its   meaning   of   true   liberty.     In   this   21st   century,   "polygamy   rights"   will   be   one   such   forthcoming   achievement   in   that   history   of   freedom. 
QUOTE.     "The   great   objective   of   ending   tyranny   is   the   concentrated   work   of   generations.   The   difficulty   of   the   task   is   no   excuse   for   avoiding   it.   America's   influence   is   not   unlimited,   but   fortunately   for   the   oppressed,   America's   influence   is   considerable,   and   we   will   use   it   confidently   in   freedom's   cause." 
QUOTE.     "We   will   persistently   clarify   the   choice   before   every   ruler   and   every   nation:   The   moral   choice   between   oppression,   which   is   always   wrong,   and   freedom,   which   is   eternally   right.   America   will   not   pretend   that   jailed   dissidents   prefer   their   chains..." 
All   political   leaders   of   the   United   States   have   been   thereby   required   to   make   the   moral   choice   against   the   oppression   of   polygamists,   to   remove   all   criminalizing   tyranny   of   unconstitutional   anti-polygamy   laws   which   seek   to   enslave   polygamists   as   political   prisoners.     Instead,   such   leaders   are   directed   to   choose   the   eternally   right   choice   of   freedom   for   consenting-adult   polygamists. 
QUOTE.     "The   rulers   of   outlaw   regimes   can   know   that   we   still   believe   as   Abraham   Lincoln   did:   "Those   who   deny   freedom   to   others   deserve   it   not   for   themselves;   and,   under   the   rule   of   a   just   God,   cannot   long   retain   it." 
Such   powerful   words!     Those   who   would   still   deny   consenting-adult   polygamists   their   God-given   and   constitutional   freedom   do   not   deserve   their   own   current   freedom   either. 
Indubitably,   President   Bush's   2005   Inaugural   Speech   --   in   its   inspiring   policy   of   liberty   for   all   --   laid   the   very   foundation   for   why   "Polygamy   is   the   next   civil   rights   battle."     It's   a   matter   of   true   liberty. 


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