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Conservative pro-polygamists note comments at Senate hearing

Date: Sep 05, 2003
Word Count: 250 words
Cross-Reference: conservative pro-polygamists, Senate hearing

Pro-polygamists note that the hearing shows that other conservatives also oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Old   Orchard   Beach,   Maine---   Following   a   Thursday   hearing   by   the   Senate   Constitution   subcommittee   to   discuss   how   Congress   might   permanently   ban   same-sex   marriages,   pro-polygamy   activists   have   noted   key   comments   made   at   that   hearing.   News   reports   on   the   hearing   have   stated   how   the   proposed   Federal   Marriage   Amendment   is,   as   put   it,   "proving   controversial   even   among   conservatives   and   federalists."    
Mark   Henkel,   pro-polygamy   activist   and   the   founder   of   the   Christian   Polygamy   organization,,   responded   on   Friday.   "That   bodes   well   for   us.   Weeks   ago,   I   wrote   an   op-ed   titled,   'These   Conservatives   Oppose   Unbiblical   Marriage   Amendment.'   Many   of   my   fellow   conservatives   in   the   conservative   media   have   been   too   afraid   to   publish   it,   trying   to   prevent   discussion   about   the   amendment.   But   with   quotes   from   that   hearing,   everyone   can   see   for   themselves   that   there   really   are   true   conservatives   who   genuinely   oppose   that   abominable   idea."    
Dale   Carpenter,   University   of   Minnesota   legal   scholar,   is   reported   to   have   testified   before   the   subcommittee,   saying,   "As   a   conservative,   I   believe   (the   proposed   amendment)   is   unnecessary,   it   is   unwise,   it   is   contrary   to   the   structure   of   our   federal   government,   it   is   anti-democratic   ...   and   it   is   a   form   of   overkill."    
"Comments   like   that,"   said   Henkel,   "should   wake   up   the   conservative   media.   They   will   have   to   stop   hiding   and   let   this   discussion   openly   occur   among   all   conservatives.   If   not,   they   will   embarrass   us   conservatives   as   the   opposing   media   will   'out'   them   for   acting   'unconservative'   in   this." 
Henkel   says   that   that   may   lead   to   truly   open   discussion,   including   conservative   pro-marriage   pro-polygamy   activists. 


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