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These Conservatives Oppose Unbiblical Marriage Amendment

Date: Aug 14, 2003
Word Count: 750 words
Cross-Reference: Federal Marriage Amendment, Bible-based Conservative Christians embracing Christian Polygamy, "Sola Scriptura," "Sola Constitution"

A Bible-based group of Christians around the country warn that the Federal Marriage Amendment is big government idolatry.

A number of pro-marriage conservatives do oppose the Federal Marriage Amendment, seeing it as a liberal, idolatrous idea that is unbiblical and unconservative.

Who? Christian Polygamy ---seriously.

Most people are rather startled to learn that some Christians actually do embrace Christian Polygamy. (This is not Mormonism.) Even more startling, Christian Polygamy supporters are usually more Bible-based and Constitutional than their anti-polygamous counterparts. Yes, more.

How? They genuinely follow the exclusively Bible-based Christian and conservative paradigms.

The paradigm of exclusively Bible-based Christianity (most Protestantism) is based upon unchanged doctrine of the Bible, as literally written and not as liberally "interpreted." Protestantism, borne of the Reformation, is primarily defined by its rejecting ("protesting") the man-made added doctrines and authority of the Catholic institution which deviate from the actual text of the Bible. "Sola Scriptura," meaning "solely Scripture," became the Reformation's battle cry, the resulting paradigm to define Protestantism. The principle that "only the Scriptures" determine true Christian doctrine is what defines exclusively Bible-based Christianity.

The paradigm of modern conservatism is based upon unchanged, strictly limited government and unenumerated individual freedom. The Tenth Amendment's principle limits federal government authority to explicitly enumerated items in the Constitution. The Ninth Amendment codifies the converse principle that individuals' rights do not have to be enumerated. Those two principles are what define true conservatism.

Simply, true exclusively Bible-based Christianity is "sola Scriptura." And true conservatism is "sola Constitution."

Christian Polygamy operates within those paradigms.

Embracing Christian Polygamy usually begins after an intensive search for absolute scriptural truth, dropping all presuppositions, "letting only the Scripture speak for itself." "Sola Scriptura" in application.

Such deep study reveals a shockingly indisputable fact. No verse outright prohibits polygamy. None.

Then there are those dozens of polygamists in the Bible. Mighty, faithful heroes ---including Abraham, Israel, David, and Moses--- had more than one wife.

The original Hebrew word for adultery is "na`aph," meaning only, "woman that breaketh wedlock." As long as a man marrying any of his wives is not marrying another's wife, no woman is breaking her wedlock to a husband ---hence, no adultery.

And no one in the Bible was ever married by government. Ever.

Digging deeper, every anti-polygamy argument becomes effortlessly easy to answer. (The web-site,, makes that self-evident.)

Some anti-polygamy arguments are even silly, such as suggesting that David's and Moses's polygamy supposedly "defied God."

When David merely counted the people, God removed 70,000 people by pestilence. When Moses merely hit a rock, the Lord denied his entry into the Promised Land. If polygamy "defied God," there is no way God would have ignored more wives!

Contrariwise, when two of David's wives were kidnapped, God had David "recover all." And when Miriam spoke against Moses for marrying his second wife, it was Miriam who suffered seven days of leprosy from God.

Moreover, the "Adam and Eve" and the original "one flesh" passages were both authored by that polygamous Moses. Only liberalism would interpret them as prohibiting polygamy. An author surely knows what he meant in his writings! And that very same polygamous author, Moses, also authored the polygamy-regulating verses of Exodus 21:10 and Deuteronomy 21:15.

The Lord is self-described in polygamous terms in Jeremiah 3 and Ezekiel 23. Christ made a polygamous self-description in the Parable of the Ten Virgins.

In 2 Samuel 12:8, God outright said that He, Himself, had given David all those wives and would have given even more.

Thus, for Bible-based Christians, biblical marriage absolutely includes Christian Polygamy. The Reformation continues.

Yet, other conservatives would re-define the biblical definition of marriage and liberally expand big government. They would re-define marriage to an unbiblical definition of "one man, one woman." Willing to thereby define polygamous Moses as a criminal, they would expand the false god of government.

That's idolatry.

It's unbiblical and unconservative.

Government-defined "marriage" is nowhere in Scripture. Not one man in the Bible was ever "married" by government. Not even one. Based on "sola Scriptura," the exclusively Bible-based Christian paradigm can never commit the abomination of such idolatry. In the Bible, God never "needed" the false god of government for marriage. Never.

The word, "marriage," is nowhere in the Constitution ---nor should it be. Not even once. Based on "sola Constitution," the conservative paradigm can never commit the constitutional abomination of the Federal Marriage Amendment. The unbiblical concept of "one man, one woman" has no place in a government-limiting, individual-freeing Constitution. Never.

Therewith, surprising many, Christian Polygamists remind fellow conservatives of true biblical marriage and true conservatism.


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