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National Polygamy Advocate PODCAST Archiving Media Interviews

Date: Aug 07, 2018
Word Count: 600 words
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Posting past media interviews, not only is this historic new podcast archiving history, but it is making history too.

Posting past media interviews, not only is this historic new podcast archiving history, but it is making history too.

On August 1, 2018, the 20th episode of National Polygamy Advocate ™ Mark Henkel's past media interviews was posted to a new, historic, official podcast.

Back on March 21, 2018, starting with non-public testing, the podcast posted its first episode and subsequently aired more past media interviews every Wednesday thereafter. Over those initial-testing weeks, Apple iTunes, GooglePlay for Android, and several other podcasting platforms all picked up the podcast on their separate platforms. To find and subscribe to the podcast, searchers may simply search the term "national polygamy advocate" on any of the platforms - including iPhone and Android smartphones.

On June 26, 2018, with all testing completed, formally announced the podcast to the public. Ten days later, on July 6, 2018, Spotify - a well-known platform - also picked up the podcast. That last addition completed the initial list of the following platforms.

Apple Podcasts
Google Podcasts
Google Play Music
Pocket Casts
Radio Public

On Wednesday, August 1, 2018, the "National Polygamy Advocate ™ PODCAST" aired its 20th posting of media interviews, totaling 5 hours and 16 minutes of listening-time.

Dating as far back as the year 2000, dozens and dozens of media interviews have been stored in either one of two forms of recording: analog (audio-cassette) or digital. A decision was made to initiate the podcast using only recordings in the latter form. Past audio-cassette-recorded interviews (of the oldest interviews) will eventually be transferred to digital form and subsequently posted to the podcast too.

The list of the initial 20 episodes is comprised of the following posted media interviews, each followed by its respective original on-air date.

The Michael Medved Show - 11/20/2007
Court TV Radio with Vinnie Politan - 11/13/2007
The Game - 6/10/2008
KOA NewsRadio with Rick Barber - 4/7/2011
Open Court: Bloom & Politan - 9/20/2007
The Ed Tyll Show - 8/5/2011
Straight Talk with Cleveland Rippons - 8/2/2011
Celebrity Court Radio - 10/10/2010
Keeler in the Morning - 10/1/2010
NewsRadio 850 - 10/1/2010
JP Godsey Show - 9/30/2010
Live Talk Radio - 10/1/2010
Metro South Morning News with Kevin Tocci - 2/3/2010
The Daily Affair - 6/24/2011
The Tara Servatius Show - 9/24/2010
The Lanigan and Malone Show - 2/2/2010
America Tonight with Kate Delaney - 11/27/2012
The Rude Awakening Show - 1/25/2010
The John Carney Show - 1/29/2010
The Jiggy Jaguar Show - 1/27/2010

That initial list includes various interviews from national syndication to terrestrial (traditional radio) stations to internet radio, and more (yes, that means, television). The interviews were hosted and conducted by both women and men on shows that either ranged from liberal to libertarian to conservative or were simply neutral. While most hosts were very respectful, some were rather positive and some others were "not so much." One woman host concluded, "I love it," and two surprised men hosts exclaimed, "Wow!"

The podcast serves as (1) an educational resource for students, activists, politicians, and media about the national polygamy rights movement for unrelated consenting adults, (2) a source for rhetoric-training of future advocates of UCAP, Unrelated Consenting Adult Polygamy, (3) a demonstrated example of leadership for the future leaders of the movement, and lastly yet most significantly of all, (4) an important archive for history.

With each new episode coming in the weeks and months ahead, not only is the podcast archiving history, but this one-of-a-kind podcast will also be making history too. Indeed, not only are podcast-subscribers hearing archives of history, but they are also becoming a part of history-being-made - just by listening to this first, one, and only "National Polygamy Advocate ™ PODCAST."


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"National Polygamy Advocate Podcast" is official!

"National Polygamy Advocate Podcast" now on Spotify

Woman host said: "I love it!"
- The Daily Affair - 6/24/2011 (posted June 20, 2018)
Men hosts said: "Wow!"
- The Ed Tyll Show - 8/5/2011 (posted April 25, 2018)
- The Jiggy Jaguar Show - 1/27/2010 (posted August 1, 2018)

National Polygamy Advocate ™

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