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July 4, 2014 - Christian Polygamy Movement is 20 Years Old

Date: Jul 04, 2014
Word Count: 1500 words
Cross-Reference: Christian Polygamy, Movement, UCAP

On this Independence Day, 2014, the new social movement of Christian Polygamy is 20 years old. This modern young movement is what paved the way for the overall national polygamy rights movement of unrelated consenting adults. 

This   Independence   Day,   2014,   is   cause   for   double   celebration   for   Christians   who   know   that   the   Bible   never   prohibited   polygamy.     Their   modern   movement,   called,   Christian   Polygamy,   is   20   years   old   today. 
Polygamy   is   the   oldest   form   of   "traditional   marriage."     It   goes   all   the   way   back   to   the   Biblical   book   of   Genesis.     Involving   Bible-studying   Christians   from   any   denomination,   Christian   Polygamy   has   no   similarity,   no   history,   no   doctrine,   and   no   other   religious   connection   with   any   forms   of   Mormonism   or   of   Latter   Day   Saints.     Rather,   without   any   doctrinal   compulsion   for   polygamy,   Christian   Polygamists   just   believe   that   the   Bible   is   true,   that   it   never   prohibited   polygamy,   and   that   husbands   should   be   loving   wives   as   truly   selflessly   "as   Christ   loves   the   churches." 
What   makes   Christian   Polygamy   even   more   surprising   is   that   it   was   this   very   movement   that   established   benevolent   standards   by   which   the   overall   movement   for   unrelated   consenting   adult   polygamy   for   all   forms   could   even   be   possible.     From   its   birth   on   July   4,   1994,   through   its   first   twenty   years,   this   young   history-making   movement   has   grown   up   well. 
THE   1st   FIVE   YEARS:     1994-1999 
Twenty   years   ago,   on   July   4,   1994,   an   evangelical   Christian   named,   Mark   Henkel,   published   the   first   issue   of   a   Maine   Christian-based   newspaper,   The   Standard   Bearer.     That   very   first   issue   included   a   history-changing   article,   demonstrating   how   even   the   author   of   Genesis   -   Moses   -   was   a   Bible-proven   polygamist.     More   than   any   other   polygamist   in   the   Bible,   revealing   this   point   historically   changed   everything. 
From   thereonafter,   the   essential   argumentations   -   that   polygyny   is   completely   and   Biblically   valid   -   were   published   and   established.     Using   those   arguments,   the   new   movement,   Christian   Polygamy,   began   and   grew.     It   is   this   new   movement,   started   in   the   1990s,   that   later   made   the   overall   national   polygamy   rights   movement   for   unrelated   consenting   adults   to   even   be   possible. 
During   these   auspicious   beginnings,   other   Christians   quickly   recognized   the   validity   of   those   argumentations   in   the   newspaper.     In   the   first   three   years,   those   argumentations   spread   to   a   new   communication   system:   "the   internet."       Becoming   global   with   a   website,   TruthBearer   (eventually,   replaced   that   printed   Maine   newspaper. 
As   the   "world   wide   web's"   growth   exploded   in   the   mid-1990s,   so   grew   the   website.   quickly   became   a   cross-denominational   organization   of   Christian   activists   for   Christians.   As   neither   a   new   religion   nor   a   new   denomination,   the   movement   was   simply   "Continuing   the   Reformation"   for   all   Bible-based   Christian   denominations. 
THE   2nd   FIVE   YEARS:     1999-2004 
In   the   second   five   years,   additional   elements   were   laid   down   to   reach   out   and   expand   the   movement. 
First,   the   standard   of   "love-not-force"   was   established   to   protect   women   from   cruel   men   -   a   standard   which   would   later   become   valuable   to   other   forms   of   unrelated   consenting   adult   polygamy   too.     That   benevolent   and   loving   standard   for   polygamy   became   the   first   step   that   brought's   Mark   Henkel   to   the   national   stage,   as   media   began   to   conduct   interviews   with   him. 
Second,   via   the   webhosting   services   of   TruthBearer.NET,   an   online   community   organized   specific   web-sites.   became   the   resource   for   Bible   arguments   about   polygamy.     ChristianPolygamy.INFO   provided   clarity   about   the   movement. 
Thirdly,   elements   were   organized   to   go   beyond   Christian   Polygamy.   In   2001,   activists   organized   an   official   annual   "Polygamy   Day   ®"   with     In   2003,   an   online   "passport   system"   was   developed   at   Pro-Polygamy.NET,   and   the   professional   media   distribution   site,,   was   started   to   deliver   content   to   the   secular   media.     By   the   end   of   2003,   a   religiously-neutral   polygamy   personals   site   was   begun   called,   -   the   oldest   and   most   trusted   polygamy   personals   site   on   the   internet.     Throughout   this   period,   the   organization   stood   alone   in   reaching   out   to   the   public   and   media,   repeatedly   defending   the   benevolent   definition   of   unrelated   consenting   adult   polygamy. 
THE   3rd   FIVE   YEARS:     2004-2009 
During   the   next   five   years,   momentum   picked   up   for   the   movement.     In   2004,   a   renowned   constitutional   law   professor,   Jonathan   Turley,   began   publishing   op-eds   using   the   same   arguments   and   sound-bites   as's   Mark   Henkel.     In   2005,   the   latter   was   on   Pat   Robertson's   "700   Club"   which   acknowledged   Christian   Polygamists   as   evangelical   Christians   -   a   historic   moment   making   the   words,   "Christian"   and   "Polygamy,"   no   longer   a   "contradiction   in   terms."        
When   the   TV   network,   HBO,   debuted   a   fictional   series   about   Mormon   Polygamy   called   "Big   Love,"   the   issue   of   consenting   adult   polygamy   received   more   media   attention.       From   NBC's   TODAY   Show   to   ABC's   20/20   to   so   many   major   media   outlets,   Henkel   was   fully   acknowledged   on   the   national   stage   as   the   established   voice   for   the   national   polygamy   rights   movement   for   unrelated   consenting   adults.     As   of   2007,   his   official   "Polygamy   Rights   Win-Win   Solution   to   end   the   Marriage   Debate"   (to   abolish   all   government   marriage   control   for   unrelated   consenting   adults)   was   well-solidified. 
When   news   broke   of   the   2008   government   raid   of   the   Mormon-based   FLDS   cult   in   Texas,   it   became   a   frightful   time   for   the   movement   as   polygamy   was   being   horribly   mis-associated.     Few   people   were   willing   to   stand   up   publicly   to   explain   polygamy   in   the   media.     No   one   else   was   spending   money   to   defend   the   reputation   of   honest   unrelated   consenting   adult   polygamists   of   all   forms   from   being   falsely   connected   to   such   criminals   and   cults.      
With   the   organization   behind   him,   Mark   Henkel   agreed   to   step   up,   spend   money   for   publicity,   and   be   that   voice.     Adamantly   opposing   the   criminal   FLDS'   cult   leader,   Warren   Jeffs,   and   publicly   standing   as   the   lone   healthy   pro-polygamy   voice   in   the   media,   Henkel   thereby   became   wholly   established   as   the   National   Polygamy   Advocate   ™. 
To   assist   the   media   and   others   making   requests   for   media   interviews   and   public   speaking,   a   new   web-site   was   developed:     This   expanded   beyond   Christian   Polygamy   activism   to   the   overall   national   polygamy   rights   movement   for   unrelated   consenting   adults.     By   the   Spring   of   2009,   Henkel   was   publicly   speaking   at   a   political   public   hearing   on   marriage   control,   as   well   as   being   quoted   in   books   and   post-undergraduate   research. 
Christian   Polygamy   had   certainly   achieved   much   in   15   years. 
THE   4th   FIVE   YEARS:     2009-2014 
The   fourth   set   of   five   years   of   the   movement   began   with   a   long-term   "behind   the   scenes"   project.     Professional   public   speeches   presented   by   the   National   Polygamy   Advocate   ™   were   recorded,   making   non-Mormon   arguments   to   secular,   mainstream,   and   non-polygamous   audiences.    
As   this   was   happening,   TV   network   TLC   debuted   a   reality   show   of   a   Mormon   Polygamous   family   called,   "Sister   Wives."   After   that   family   (i.e.,   the   Browns)   had   been   "public"   on   TV,   a   local   police   investigation   was   opened   against   them.     In   2011,   Constitutional   law   professor   and   attorney   Jonathan   Turley   filed   a   lawsuit   for   them.     That   Autumn,   the   official   Youtube-channel   "MarkHenkelPolygamy"   debuted,   with   its   "Season   One"   series   of   videos:   one   speech-episode   per   week   for   ten   weeks   from   the   National   Polygamy   Advocate   ™   was   posted   the   next   year. 
On   April   3,   2012,   Mark   Henkel   presented   a   history-making   keynote   speech   at   Yale   University   -   an   invitation   limited   to   top   political   elites,   including   US   Supreme   Court   Justices   and   Presidential   Candidates.     In   2013,   two   more   polygamy   reality   shows   debuted,   the   DVD   of   the   YALE   Speech   was   released   (e.g.,   on,   and   the   National   Polygamy   Advocate's   official   Public   Speaker   "One   Sheet"   and   "Cover   Letter"   were   completed.    
On   December   13,   2013,   a   federal   judge   decided   Jonathan   Turley's   filed-case,   "Brown   v.   Buhman,"   in   Utah.     The   decision   de-criminalized   "de   facto   polygamy"   (multiple   wives   but   only   one   marriage   license)   in   the   State   of   Utah   while   "de   jure   polygamy"   (multiple   wives   with   multiple   marriage   licenses)   would   still   remain   criminalized.     To   understand   these   details,   the   media   conducted   more   interviews   with   the   National   Polygamy   Advocate   ™,   including   a   rather   hostile   Nancy   Grace   on   the   TV   network   HLN.     In   these   interviews,   Henkel   introduced   a   new   acronym;   with   SSM   as   "same   sex   marriage,"   and   with   OMOW   as   "one   man   one   woman,"   UCAP   now   stands   for   "unrelated   consenting   adult   polygamy." 
Lastly,   to   celebrate   this   special   anniversary   of   20   years   of   Christian   Polygamy,   a   never-previously-released   speech   video   was   posted   to   the   official   Youtube-channel,   "The   Story   of   David   and   What   It   Shows   (about   God   &   Polygamy)."       Whether   a   viewer   is   Christian,   non-Christian,   polygamous,   or   non-polygamous,   the   video   is   a   "must-see"   for   anyone   who   follows   the   marriage   control   debate.       Posted   on   July   4,   2014,   this   important   Biblical   storytelling   account   provides   an   enjoyable   additional   way   to   celebrate   the   20-year   anniversary   of   Christian   Polygamy. 
Christian   Polygamy   paved   the   way   for   the   unrelated   consenting   adult   polygamy   (UCAP)   movement.     Notwithstanding   Hollywood's   fixation   on   Mormon   Polygamy   and/or   on   the   less   committed,   "Polyamory,"   it   is   Christian   Polygamy   that   was   publicly   working   in   the   trenches   which   brought   the   overall   national   polygamy   rights   movement   for   unrelated   consenting   adults   to   where   it   is   today.     Even   non-Christian   UCAP   supporters   can   be   thankful   for   Christian   Polygamy   -   the   young   movement   which   started   20   years   ago   on   July   4,   1994. 
In   the   next   20   years,   UCAP   might   very   likely   be   de-criminalized.     But   specifically   for   Christians,   the   Reformation   continues.     It   could   even   possibly   be   that,   in   these   next   coming   20   more   years,   Christians   in   all   Bible-believing   churches   might   even   be   thanking   Christian   Polygamists   for   their   faithfulness   to   the   truth   that   the   Bible   never   prohibited   polygamy.     The   rest   of   contemporary   society   could   be   likewise   grateful   for   its   providing   the   political   win-win   solution   to   end   the   marriage   control   debate. 
Truly,   therefore,   with   all   these   successes   having   occurred   by   their   movement's   20th   Anniversary,   Christian   Polygamists   have   every   reason   to   be   excited,   doubly   celebrating   this   Independence   Day,   2014. 


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