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National Polygamy Advocate’s Speech at Yale, DVD Makes History

Date: Apr 18, 2013
Word Count: 700 words
Cross-Reference: Mark Henkel, Yale, speech

On April 3, 2012, National Polygamy Advocate Mark Henkel presented a keynote speech at Yale University, in which he “shows WHY you WILL vote YES to Repeal Anti-Polygamy Laws for Consenting Adults.” Exactly one year later to the day, both his appearance and that historic speech were released to the public on DVD, making history.

The   Yale   Political   Union   -   U.S.   Supreme   Court   Justice   Antonin   Scalia   has   given   a   speech   there.     Democrat   Presidential   Candidate   John   Kerry   has   given   a   speech   there.     Republican   Presidential   Candidate   Rick   Santorum   has   given   a   speech   there.     From   Dick   Morris   to   Karl   Rove,   from   Arianna   Huffington   to   Ann   Coulter,   from   Howard   Dean   to   William   F.   Buckley   Jr.,   numerous   members   of   the   political   Elite   have   all   given   speeches   at   the   Yale   Political   Union   (YPU). 
And   so   has   the   National   Polygamy   Advocate,   Mark   Henkel.     History   has   been   made. 
On   April   3,   2012,   Mark   Henkel   was   the   guest   of   honor   at   the   Yale   Political   Union   at   Yale   University.     The   topic   for   debate   was   moved   as,   "Resolved:   Repeal   Anti-Polygamy   Laws   for   Consenting   Adults."     Henkel   gave   three   separate   presentations:   the   primary   "Keynote   Speech,"   the   "Q&A   Session,"   and   the   "Concluding   Appeal."     All   of   his   appearances   were   recorded. 
A   few   months   later,   on   September   4,   2012,   a   free   video   trailer   was   posted   online,   titled,   "Mark   Henkel   -   Yale   -   Repeal   Anti-Polygamy   Laws   for   Consenting   Adults   -   [TRAILER]."     Barely   over   three   minutes,   the   trailer   provides   just   a   sample   of   Henkel's   many   sound-bites   that   evening.   It   also   reveals   how   the   audience   had   interacted   during   Henkel's   speech.     Somewhat   raucously,   individuals   at   the   event   would   loudly   hiss   when   they   heard   things   they   disliked,   and   they   would   instead   loudly   knock   on   wood   when   they   heard   things   they   did   like.   With   an   audience   politically   spanning   from   far-left   to   far-right,   there   were   even   times   when   both   sounds   could   be   heard   at   the   same   time.     The   trailer   undoubtedly   provides   a   brief   glimpse   into   how   well   Henkel   –   being   completely   undistracted   -   both   presented   his   speech   with   energetic,   persuasive   passion   and   easily   handled   the   audience   with   smiling,   unbridled   confidence. 
On   April   3,   2013,   one   year   after   it   all   happened,   the   DVD   of   this   event   was   released.     As   the   DVD-cover   displays,   Mark   Henkel   "Shows   WHY   You   WILL   Vote   YES   to...   Repeal   Anti-Polygamy   Laws   for   Consenting   Adults."     A   bonus   segment,   "Pictures   at   Yale,"   is   also   included,   displaying   how   the   Yale   campus   appeared   on   that   beautiful   early-April   day   when   he   was   there.       Beyond   the   additional   "Credits"   and   "Disclosure"   segments,   Henkel's   three   separate   appearances   ("Keynote   Speech,"   "Q&A   Session,"   and   "Concluding   Appeal")   comprise   the   main   three   segments   of   video. 
With   the   release   of   all   of   this   on   DVD,   not   only   have   these   historically-significant   presentations   been   made   available   for   the   public,   but   it   also   means   that   they   are   equally   available   for   historians   too.     For   the   first   time   in   history,   someone   from   the   grass   roots   has   broken   through   among   the   Elite   to   give   an   intellectual   and   persuasive   keynote   speech   for   repealing   anti-polygamy   laws   for   consenting   adults.     This   is   neither   just   "any   speech,"   nor   is   Yale   just   "any   college."     Historians   will   immediately   recognize   that   this   was   the   actual   making   of   history. 
The   persuasive   power   of   that   highest   combination   of   credibility   simultaneously   transforms   the   DVD   into   a   powerful   tool   for   pro-polygamy   activists.     As   activists   use   the   DVD   as   a   power-tool   to   persuade   anti-polygamists   in   what   Henkel   has   called   the   "next   civil   rights   battle"   for   polygamy   rights,   the   credibility   of   such   usage   can   only   further   motivate   historians   to   analyze   Henkel's   arguments,   delivery,   and   presentation-style   in   it. 
But   beyond   activists   and   historians,   even   many   would-be   anti-polygamists   could   be   choosing   to   obtain   this   DVD   too.     In   their   shocked   disbelief   that   Mark   Henkel,   so   credibly   speaking   at   Yale,   actually   "Shows   WHY   You   WILL   Vote   YES   to...   Repeal   Anti-Polygamy   Laws   for   Consenting   Adults,"   many   of   such   anti-polygamists   may   perceive   the   need   to   "disprove"   him   as   supposedly   being   incorrect.   And   the   only   way   for   them   to   see   if   they   can   "disprove"   Henkel   is   for   them   to   get   the   DVD   too.     If   they   do   that,   though,   they   just   might   find   themselves   persuaded   too. 
Regardless,   whether   as   pro-polygamy   activists,   as   historians,   as   anti-polygamists,   or   even   as   anyone   else   in   the   general   public,   all   individuals   who   obtain   any   of   the   early   copies   of   this   DVD   will   actually   be   acquiring   a   very   rare   collector's   item.     Any   person   owning   this   DVD   will   seriously   be   owning   a   piece   of   history. 
National   Polygamy   Advocate   Mark   Henkel,   his   speech   at   Yale,   and   this   DVD   -   history   has   been   made!     With   Henkel's   breakthrough   among   the   Elite   substantiating   the   movement's   credibility,   the   National   Polygamy   Rights   Movement   for   Consenting   Adults   has   unquestionably   "arrived." 


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