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End Marriage Control from Both Sides - The Win-Win Solution

     By: Mark Henkel
Date: Dec 01, 2009
Word Count: 600 words
Cross-Reference: Ending marriage control, polygamy rights win-win solution

. . . . . . . by Mark Henkel  
Mark Henkel is the National Polygamy Advocate and the Founder of the organization. He has been interviewed and reported by numerous national media, including ABC’s 20/20, NBC’s TODAY Show, CourtTV (TruTV), 700 Club, Newsweek, Associated Press, Washington Times, and many more as noted at
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Exposing the hypocrisy of both sides of the marriage control war, the national polygamy rights movement for consenting adults offers the polygamy rights win-win solution for resolving the issue once and for all.

"The   Emperor   is   wearing   no   clothes"   on   both   sides   of   the   marriage   control   war.     In   the   latest   battle,   Maine's   "People’s   Veto"   of   L.D.   1020,   neither   side   was   ever   going   to   resolve   anything.     Indeed,   the   winning   YES-side   has   not   actually   protected   marriage.     The   losing   NO-side   was   not   going   to   actually   protect   marriage   equality.     However,   a   win-win   solution   proposed   by   consenting   adult   pro-polygamists   can   now   free   us   all   from   both   sides'   "naked"   hypocrisy. 
The   anthropological   and   biblical   definitions   of   marriage   have   always   included   polygamy.       Hence,   one-man/one-woman   and   same   sex   marriage   both   re-define   marriage.        
One-man/one-woman   proponents   were   the   first   ones   to   re-define   marriage.     Overlooking   the   Bible's   numerous   polygamists,   they   based   their   re-definition   on   the   Adam   and   Eve   story   and   "one   flesh"   verse   in   the   first   two   chapters   of   Genesis.   Yet,   author   Moses   was   married   to   two   wives   -   "one   flesh"   with   each   of   them.     Plus,   Adam   and   Eve   were   never   married   by   government.     Indeed,   government   marriage   never   happened   in   the   Bible.     Even   so,   one-man/one-woman   activists   became   the   original   marriage   controllers   to   turn   to   big   government,   to   re-define   marriage,   and   to   give   themselves   special   rights. 
Today,   another   re-definition   has   emerged:   same   sex   marriage.     Previously,   due   to   the   anatomical   impossibility   of   coitus   between   same   sex   partners,   marriage's   definition   never   included   same   sex   marriage.     Now,   however,   by   copying   the   same   tactics   of   the   one-man/one-woman   marriage   controllers   before   them,   same   sex   marriage   activists   have   become   the   new   marriage   controllers   to   turn   to   big   government,   to   re-define   marriage,   and   to   give   themselves   special   rights   too. 
Supporters   of   marriage   control   by   either   form   have   a   right   to   their   imaginations   -   even   though   inaccurate.     However,   neither   side   has   the   right   to   re-define   marriage   or   to   receive   special   rights   for   those   imaginations.     New   marriage   control   for   same   sex   marriage   is   as   wrong   as   original   marriage   control   for   one-man/one-woman.     It   is   still   tyranny,   discrimination,   and   hypocrisy. 
First,   marriage   control   does   not   protect   marriage;   it   uses   big   government   to   control   doctrine.     But   marriage   is   a   God-given   individual   right,   pre-dating   government   itself.     Government   is   for   protecting   individual   rights   -   not   for   majorities   controlling   doctrines.     Hence,   marriage   control   is   as   anti-freedom   as   Gospel   control,   Baptism   control,   and   the   Lord’s   Table   control   (as   well   as   Passover   control   or   Ramadan   control).     If   any   majority   tried   to   legally   re-define   and   control   these   other   doctrines,   most   religious   one-man/one-woman   supporters   would   be   screaming,   “Tyranny!” 
Second,   Maine's   defeated   same   sex   marriage   law   absolutely   did   not   end   discrimination.     It   did   not   protect   marriage   equality   for   all   unrelated   consenting   adults.   The   specific   law,   L.D.   1020,   re-wrote   the   "Prohibited   marriages"   statute,   striking   out   Clause   5   (same   sex   marriage),   while   leaving   Clause   4   (polygamy)   unchanged.     The   law   arbitrarily   discriminated   a   limit   of   "two   people"   -   giving   same   sex   partners   special   treatment   while   expressly   denying   consenting   adult   polygamists.     If   this   marriage   control   happened   in   reverse,   same   sex   marriage   activists   would   be   screaming,   "Discrimination!" 
Third,   marriage   control   is   based   on   hypocrisy.     One-man/one-woman   proponents   say   that   children   need   a   father   and   a   mother.     Same   sex   marriage   supporters   say   that   children   simply   need   two   adults.   Yet,   in   a   society   overflowing   with   abandoned   single   moms   and   marriage-phobic   males,   both   sides   ban   consenting   adult   polygamy   –   even   though   it   more   than   answers   both   sides’   arguments.     If   Heather   can   have   two   mommies,   why   can’t   she   have   two   mommies   and   a   daddy?     Hypocrisy!    
Telling   the   "naked   emperor"   on   both   sides   to   "get   dressed,"   consenting   adult   pro-polygamists   propose   a   win-win   solution   out   of   all   this   hypocrisy.     It's   limited   government:   abolish   marriage   control   for   unrelated   consenting   adults.     Then   marriage   will   never   be   re-defined   by   anyone.     No   one   will   have   special   rights.     Whether   same   sex   marriage,   one-man/one-woman,   or   consenting   adult   polygamy,   everyone   will   truly   be   free.     Thereby,   the   marriage   control   war   ends   and   everyone   wins.     Freedom! 


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Polygamy Rights Win-Win Solution
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