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July 4, 2009 - Christian Polygamy Movement is 15 Years Old

Date: Jul 04, 2009
Word Count: 1000 words
Cross-Reference: Christian Polygamy movement, Independence Day

On this Independence Day, 2009, the new social movement of Christian Polygamy is 15 years old.

For   sincere   Christians   who   know   that   the   Bible   never   banned   polygamy,   this   Independence   Day,   2009,   is   cause   for   double   celebration.     Their   new   movement,   called,   Christian   Polygamy,   is   15   years   old   today. 
Quoting   Mark   Henkel,   founder   of   the   Christian   Polygamy   organization,,   "Polygamous   marriage   dates   as   far   back   as   the   Biblical   book   of   Genesis   -   written   by   polygamist   Moses.     Christian   Polygamy   generally   involves   Bible-studying   Christians   from   any   denomination.     We   have   no   similarity   and   no   history   with   Mormonism   whatsoever,   whether   mainstream   'Institutional'   Latter   Day   Saints   (my   term,   'ILDS')   or   Fundamentalist   Latter   Day   Saints   (FLDS).     Rather,   Christian   Polygamists   simply   believe   that   the   Bible   is   true,   that   it   never   prohibited   polygamy,   and   that   husbands   should   have   a   deep   compassion,   maturity,   and   emotional   intimacy   for   loving   wives   as   selflessly   as   Christ   loves   the   churches." 
Fifteen   years   ago,   on   July   4,   1994,   Henkel   published   the   first   issue   of   the   Maine   conservative   Christian   newspaper,   The   Standard   Bearer.     As   the   publication   continued,   the   essential   argumentations   were   established,   proving   that   polygyny   is   Biblically   valid.     A   new   movement,   Christian   Polygamy,   was   born. 
Other   Christians   quickly   caught   on   to   those   powerful   arguments.     Over   the   next   three   years,   those   argumentations   spread   to   a   new   communication   method   called   "the   internet."   The   global   website,   TruthBearer   (and   eventually,   replaced   the   printed   Maine   newspaper. 
As   the   internet   grew   in   the   mid-1990s,   so   grew   the   website.     Numerous   Christians   around   the   world   were   no   longer   alone   seeing   the   overwhelming   scriptural   basis   of   Christian   Polygamy.   quickly   became   a   cross-denominational   organization   of   activists,   promoting   its   long-term   mission   of   bringing   Christian   Polygamy   to   the   churches.     This   is   not   a   new   religion   or   denomination.     It   is   simply   "Continuing   the   Reformation"   for   all   "sola   scriptura"   Christian   denominations. 
Five   years   into   the   young   new   movement,   the   organization’s   founder,   Mark   Henkel,   saw   that   women   absolutely   had   to   be   protected   from   cleverly   evil   men   misrepresenting   Christian   Polygamy.     On   July   13,   1999,   an   official   standard   of   Christian   Polygamy   -   called   Love-not-Force   -   was   established.     That   standard   protects   women   from   egotistical   polygamist-wannabes   (now   identified   as   "force   polygamists")   who,   instead   of   loving   their   wives,   would   selfishly   force   polygamy   against   a   wife's   un-coerced   acceptance.     With   Love-not-Force,   never   again   would   any   "force   polygamist"   be   allowed   to   undermine   the   genuine   pro-woman   focus   of   true   Christian   Polygamy. 
Genuine   Christians   in   the   movement   wholeheartedly   rejoiced   and   embraced   Love-not-Force.     Not   surprisingly,   the   small   number   of   "force   polygamists"   adamantly   opposed   it.   But   the   true   Christians   moved   on   without   them,   rejecting   all   of   such   foolishness,   although   offering   ministry   and   counsel   to   anyone   wounded   by   it. 
Being   so   ignored   by   the   actual   Christian   Polygamy   movement   and   therefore   off   on   their   own,   most   "force   polygamists"   would   understandably   lose   their   wives.     One   man,   an   ex-convict   who   bragged   about   his   "force   polygamy"   as   he   absurdly   tried   to   build   a   cult   around   himself   in   Utah,   ran   off   to   Texas   with   one   of   his   later   wives   and   utterly   abandoned   the   rest   of   his   wives   and   children.     One   of   the   few   friends   left   behind   by   the   runaway   ex-convict   was   another   self-absorbed   "force   polygamist"   who   later   murdered   his   own   second   wife,   maliciously   carving   up   her   face   and   body   with   a   knife.     Undeniably,   the   antichristian   misogyny   of   "force   polygamy"   starts   with   profound   callousness   of   heart   toward   women   and   only   leads   to   family   destruction,   abandonment,   and   even   murder.     It   is   no   wonder   that   genuine   Christians   in   the   actual   Christian   Polygamy   movement   instantly   rejoiced   to   have   the   Love-not-Force   standard   in   place   against   such   self-evident   evil. 
If   a   would-be   polygamist   does   not   meet   the   Love-not-Force   standard,   then   the   situation   is   just   not   true   Christian   Polygamy   in   the   first   place.     Consequently,   any   currently   professed   opposition   against   the   Love-not-Force   standard   now   immediately   self-identifies   such   an   opponent   as   an   obvious   "force   polygamist"   who   is   not   legitimately   part   of   the   true   movement   anyway.     "Force   polygamy"   simply   has   no   place   in   true   Christian   Polygamy. 
Subsequently,   Love-not-Force   became   so   important   that   it   was   then   generalized   as   the   standard   for   the   overall   national   polygamy   rights   movement   for   consenting   adults   -   no   longer   limited   only   to   Christian   Polygamy.     Normal   consenting   adult   pro-polygamists   of   any   variety   or   religion   likewise   would   not   have   to   be   tainted   by   the   cruelty   of   "force   polygamists"   either.     "Force   polygamy"   simply   has   no   place   among   normal   consenting   adult   pro-polygamists   in   general. 
As   such,   by   clearly   disavowing   and   discrediting   all   "force   polygamy,"   the   standard   of   Love-not-Force   had   blossomed   into   a   powerful   pre-emptive   strike   against   dishonest   media.     Namely,   whenever   any   "force   polygamist"   is   used   in   a   media   report   as   a   supposed   "example"   of   polygamy,   Love-not-Force   now   discredits   the   report   as   intentionally   dishonest   media   propaganda. 
With   Love-not-Force   in   place,   Mark   Henkel   quickly   started   receiving   numerous   media   requests   for   interviews   by   the   year   2000.     As   the   number   of   interviews   and   media   reports   grew,   it   also   elevated   Henkel   to   the   larger   role   as   the   National   Polygamy   Advocate   for   the   overall   national   polygamy   rights   movement   for   consenting   adults   in   general.     Henkel's   unique   non-Mormon,   non-lascivious,   pro-woman,   Christian   position   enabled   him   to   successfully   persuade   even   anti-polygamous   conservatives   and   Christians   -   unlike   anyone   else   from   other   religions   or   backgrounds. 
In   2005,   Pat   Robertson’s   "700   Club"   interviewed   Mark   Henkel   and   then   identified   him   and   Christian   Polygamists   as   "evangelical   Christians."     In   2006,   Newsweek   and   the   Associated   Press   reported   about   Henkel,,   and   the   movement.     By   2007,   numerous   other   media   had   followed   suit.     In   2008,   John   Stossel   did   a   "Special   Report"   on   ABC's   "20/20"   with   an   evangelical   Christian   polygamous   family   and   a   Jewish   polygamous   family,   broadcasting   a   number   of   Mark   Henkel's   sound-bites.     In   2009,   one   news   service,   WorldNetDaily,   was   even   specifically   trying   to   get   President   Barack   Obama   to   comment   about   the   National   Polygamy   Advocate,   Mark   Henkel,   by   name. 
In   these   past   15   years,   the   Christian   Polygamy   movement   has   made   significant   accomplishments:   essential   arguments   laid   down;   Love-not-Force   standard   set;   major   media   attention   received;   acknowledged   as   "evangelical   Christians;"   and   realized   for   making   it   possible   for   the   overall   national   polygamy   rights   movement   for   consenting   adults   in   general   to   credibly   make   its   case.     In   the   next   15   years,   Christians   in   all   churches   might   even   be   thanking   Christian   Polygamists   for   their   faithfulness. 
With   these   successes   by   their   movement's   15th   anniversary,   Christian   Polygamists   are   excited,   doubly   celebrating   this   Independence   Day,   2009. 


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