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Obama's Historic Election Gives Hope to Polygamous Americans

Date: Nov 07, 2008
Word Count: 900 words
Cross-Reference: Barack Obama, oppression to president, polygamous Americans

With Barack Obama’s election, African Americans have successfully travelled the road from oppression to president, thereby giving hope to still-oppressed polygamous Americans that, one day, a consenting-adult polygamist might also be elected to the highest office of the land.

On   November   4,   2008,   U.S.   voters   have   made   inspirational   history   with   the   election   of   Barack   Obama,   the   very   first   African   American   President   of   the   United   States   of   America.     African   Americans   have   every   reason   to   cry   tears   of   joy   in   rejoicing   -   and   polygamous   Americans   rejoice   too. 
African   Americans   have   successfully   travelled   a   road   from   oppression   to   president.     History   records   the   evidence   of   such   suffering   real   oppression   and   tyranny   from   American   government,   media,   and   citizenry.     African   Americans   had   once   been   horrifically   enslaved,   beaten,   terrorized,   murdered,   segregated,   maligned   in   the   media,   and   denied   true   freedom   in   America   -   even   such   things   allowed   by   law.     But   now,   an   African   American   man   has   been   elected   to   the   highest   office   of   the   land. 
Martin   Luther   King   famously   dreamed   of   a   day   when   a   man   would   be   judged,   not   based   on   the   color   of   his   skin,   but   on   the   content   of   his   character.     That   dream   has   been   fulfilled   at   the   highest   level. 
Celebrating   this   historic   victory   for   African   Americans,   polygamous   Americans   rejoice   too   -   and   further   continue   that   dream. 
National   Polygamy   Advocate,   Mark   Henkel,   has   long   shared   Martin   Luther   King’s   dream.     Content   of   character   is   really   what   matters   indeed.     Henkel   has   said,   “I   have   a   dream   that   one   day   a   man   will   be   judged,   not   based   on   the   number   of   consenting-adult   wives   who   willingly   marry   him,   but,   indeed,   based   only   on   the   content   of   his   character.”     For   polygamous   Americans,   the   dream   continues. 
No   doubt,   the   African   American   experience   throughout   history   has   been   that   of   suffering   profoundly   horrific   atrocities   -   even,   in   some   cases,   more   than   that   which   has   been   suffered   by   polygamists.     But   real   oppression   and   tyranny   are   still   cruel   and   atrocious. 
Without   question,   the   polygamous   American   experience   in   history   does   indeed   include   very   real   atrocities   of   oppression   and   tyranny,   too.     Homes   have   been   invaded.     Children   have   been   kidnapped   by   government.     Husbands   have   been   jailed   simply   for   their   adult   relationships.     Wives   have   been   legally   compelled   to   testify   against   their   husband.     Most   media   have   routinely   reported   only   inaccurate   links   of   consenting-adult   polygamists   either   to   real   criminals   or   to   one   less-popular   religion   called   Mormonism,   in   order   to   intentionally   incite   bigoted   anti-polygamous   rage   by   the   citizenry.     Polygamists   have   been   forced   into   hiding.     Free   speech   -   all   by   itself   -   has   become   the   commission   of   a   crime.     Even   recently   in   this   current,   modern   millennium,   consenting-adult   wives   have   been   court-fiat-banned   from   being   in   each   other’s   presence   at   certain   places.     Sadly,   that’s   our   country,   America,   even   still   today.       For   polygamists,   even   as   Barack   Obama   has   now   been   elected   President,   oppression   and   tyranny   do   still   continue,   even   today. 
Just   as   the   first   civil   rights   movement   sought   to   help   America   to   understand   that   normal   African   Americans   are   genuinely   human,   moral,   and   deserving   of   America’s   promised   liberty   for   all,   so   does   the   national   polygamy   rights   movement   for   consenting-adults   seek   to   help   America   to   understand   the   same   about   normal   consenting-adult   polygamous   Americans.     Hence,   as   Henkel’s   renowned   sound-bite   declares,   “’Polygamy   rights’   is   the   next   civil   rights   battle”   indeed. 
Irrational   anti-polygamy   is   anti-free-assembly,   anti-woman,   anti-Bible,   and   anti-choice.     It’s   also   absurd.     Uncommitted   (even   promiscuous)   people   are   free   today   to   choose   concurrent   multiple   sexual   relationships.     Yet,   family-dedicated   (and   non-promiscuous),   consenting-adult   polygamists   are   still   oppressed   as   “criminals”   under   the   tyranny   of   our   own   American   government,   media,   and   citizenry.     Uncommitted   people   have   uninfringeable   civil   rights   while   marriage-committed   polygamous   Americans   are   criminalized! 
Henkel   noted   this   hypocrisy   in   a   recent   John   Stossel   Special   Report   on   ABC-TV’s   20/20:   “Someone   like   a   Hugh   Hefner   will   have   a   successful   television   show   with   three   live-in   girlfriends.     And   that’s   all   okay.   And   he’s   making   great   money,   and   that’s   fine   and   great   entertainment.     But   suddenly,   if   that   man   was   to   marry   them,   then   suddenly   he’s   a   criminal.     That’s   insane!” 
Yet   that   insanity   of   real   oppression   and   tyranny   against   polygamous   Americans   continues   today. 
As   the   former   oppression   and   tyranny   against   otherwise   law-abiding   African   American   human   beings   were   insane,   the   oppression   and   tyranny   that   remain   against   otherwise   law-abiding   consenting-adult   polygamous   American   human   beings   are   additionally   insane,   indeed.     That   African   Americans   endured   a   deeper   severity   of   oppression   and   tyranny   makes   it   even   more   insane   that   polygamous   Americans   continue   to   suffer. 
As   the   African   American   road   out   of   oppression   and   tyranny   was   deeper   and   harder   to   travel,   then   how   much   easier   it   should   be   for   polygamous   Americans   to   one   day   travel   out   of   oppression   and   tyranny   too. 
Accordingly,   pro-polygamists   completely   rejoice   with   African   Americans   in   the   victory   of   this   historic   election   of   Barack   Obama. 
Obviously,   just   as   conservative   African   Americans   are   adamantly   opposed   to   the   liberal   policies   of   an   elected   President   Barack   Obama,   conservative   polygamous   Americans   are   equally   opposed   to   such   liberalism   too.     The   pending   battles   of   politics   are   entirely   separate   from   the   celebration   of   this   historic   moment   in   American   history.     Indeed,   in   the   same   way   that   conservative   African   Americans   still   rejoice   in   the   accomplishment   of   Barack   Obama’s   election,   conservative   polygamous   Americans   rejoice   likewise. 
While   this   pinnacle   of   achievement   proves   that   African   Americans’   freedom   from   oppression   and   tyranny   has   been   ultimately   obtained,   pro-polygamists   also   celebrate   it   with   hope   for   the   same   future   freedom   of   polygamous   Americans. 
The   election   of   Barack   Obama,   the   first   African   American   President,   inspires   ecstatic   hope.     One   day   in   the   future,   pro-polygamists   might   also   become   so   free   from   oppression   and   tyranny   that   a   normal,   family-dedicated,   consenting-adult   polygamist   could   actually   be   elected   President   of   the   United   States   too.      
Now   that   African   Americans   have   successfully   traveled   that   amazing   road   from   oppression   to   president,   then   consenting-adult   polygamous   Americans   can   do   it   too. 
The   dream   continues.     God   bless   America   indeed! 


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Mark Henkel, National Polygamy Advocate 
Mark Henkel is the National Polygamy Advocate and the Founder of the organization, the non-Mormon, cross-denominational, evangelical Christian Polygamy organization. He has been reported by The Associated Press, Newsweek, The Washington Times, ABC’s 20/20, NBC's TODAY Show, CourtTV, CBN, and many more, as noted at . 
John Stossel Special Report, 20/20, ABC-TV 
[Reviewed for publication - Review Board.]

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