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Warren Jeffs was Always Opposed by National Polygamy Movement

Date: Sep 27, 2007
Word Count: 750 words
Cross-Reference: Warren Jeffs, FLDS, National Polygamy Rights Movement opposed

That criminal is no "martyr" in the eyes of polygamists. Any media implication that Warren Jeffs represents all pro-polygamists is as offensively slanderous as saying that Mary Kay Letourneau represents all teachers.

Here   we   go   again.     Another   so-called   "polygamist"   went   on   trial,   convicted   of   actual   crime   -   and   the   media   had   another   sensationalism   feast.     Because   the   national   polygamy   rights   movement   always   opposes   real   criminals   (including   Warren   Jeffs),   many   dishonest   media   never   report   about   normal   pro-polygamists.     Some   dishonest   media   even   falsely   report   that   polygamists   think   convicts   such   as   Jeffs   are   "martyrs"   -   even   though,   factually,   most   pro-polygamists   around   the   country   adamantly   loathe   such   criminals. 
Such   was   the   case   with   the   Warren   Jeffs   trial   in   Utah.     Although   "placing"   a   14   year   old   girl   to   unwillingly   marry   her   unmarried   19   year   old   cousin   certainly   involved   under-aged,   arranged,   and   incestuous   marriage,   it   was   not   polygamy. 
Yet   Jeffs   was   sensationalized   as   a   "polygamist   leader." 
Actually,   Warren   Jeffs   was   only   the   "leader"   of   his   local   Mormon-based   sect   in   Utah/Arizona.     Issues   of   his   authoritarian/cultish   coercive   control   over   his   little   rogue   sect's   followers   to   commit   crimes   were   the   real   matters   to   be   addressed   at   the   trial   -   not   polygamy. 
In   fact,   Jeffs’   sect   has   vastly   more   in   common   with   the   “mainstream”   Latter   Day   Saints   than   with   normal   consenting-adult   pro-polygamists   around   the   country. 
In   1890,   the   "mainstream"   Latter   Day   Saints   (LDS)   contradicted   their   former   acceptance   of   Mormon   doctrines   "requiring"   polygamy.     All   Mormon   Polygamists   viewed   such   contradiction   as   "apostasy."     Thus,   Jeffs'   particular   sect   historically   identified   itself   as,   Fundamentalist   LDS   (FLDS). 
All   subsets   of   Mormon   Polygamy   (including   the   FLDS)   are   based   on   Mormonism's   "Doctrines   &   Covenants   132"   and   other   doctrines   exclusively   added   by   their   early   "prophets"   -   such   as   their   "priesthood   keys"   and   "pre-existence   of   souls"   doctrines.     "Prophet"   Brigham   Young   called   it   a   "duty"   for   Mormons   to   have   as   many   offspring   as   possible   -   through   up   to   three   wives   or   more   -   to   ensure   that   such   "pre-existent   souls"   would   be   born   Mormon.     Most   Mormon   Polygamy   subsets   continue   that   paradigm.     The   "mainstream"   LDS   embrace   the   apparent   dichotomy   of   continuing   it   while   simultaneously   rejecting   their   religion’s   original   doctrines   that   created   it. 
While   the   "mainstream"   LDS   declare   that   Mormon   Polygamists   are   not   "Mormon,"   the   technical   fact   remains   that   any   form   of   polygamy   based   on   Mormonism's   exclusively-created   doctrines   is   uniquely   identified   as   Mormon   Polygamy. 
Understanding   the   differentiation   is   important.     It   clarifies   the   serious   differences   between   Mormon   Polygamy   versus   purely   consenting-adult   forms   of   polygamy   around   the   country,   such   as   Christian   Polygamy   and   Secular   Polygamy. 
Indeed,   outside   of   Utah's   "Mormonland   bubble,"   most   pro-polygamous   families   (whether   practicing   or   not)   utterly   reject   "anything   Mormon."     Their   own   individual   reasons   and   applications   for   consenting-adult   polygamy   are   profoundly   different   -   some   even   having   extremely   benevolent   motivations.     Seeing   a   modern   society   of   abandoned   single   moms   and   marriage-phobic   males,   many   consenting-adult   pro-polygamists   compassionately   offer   an   alternative   societal   solution   for   adults   who   would   freely   choose   such   an   option. 
As   such,   the   national   polygamy   rights   movement   has   repeatedly   "shouted   from   the   rooftops"   that   it   opposes   Warren   Jeffs.       Not   only   do   most   pro-polygamists   outside   of   Utah   reject   Mormon   Polygamy’s   pre-suppositions,   but   other   FLDS-specific   beliefs   are   opposed,   too.    
For   example,   the   political   structure   of   the   FLDS   requires   the   followers   to   sacrifice   their   minds   up   to   their   leadership’s   decision-making   -   i.e.,   Warren   Jeffs,   their   "prophet."     When   the   FLDS   "prophet"   assigned   people   into   under-aged,   arranged   marriages,   the   followers   followed.     Although   some   Mormon   Polygamy   subsets   disavow   such   ideas,   the   FLDS   sect   embraces   them. 
Nationwide,   most   other   pro-polygamists   utterly   reject   all   of   that.   So   strong   is   that   opposition   that,   when   Jeffs   was   caught   in   2006,   the   organization   immediately   issued   a   national   press   release   applauding   his   arrest. 
Now   in   2007,   pro-polygamists   are   glad   he   was   convicted.     The   case   only   involved   under-aged,   arranged,   and   incestuous   marriage.     But   the   media   did   not   call   him   an   "under-aged   marriage   leader,"   nor   an   "arranged   marriage   leader,"   nor   an   "incest   leader."     Rather,   Jeffs   was   reported   as   a   "polygamist   leader." 
Such   reports   were   deceptively   inaccurate.     At   the   national   level,   Jeffs   is   no   leader   at   all.     The   national   polygamy   rights   movement   has   always   opposed   him. 
From   the   movement's   press   releases   to   National   Polygamy   Advocate   Mark   Henkel's   many   appearances   on   CourtTV   throughout   Jeffs'   trial,   that   fact   was   made   clear.     Indeed,   as   the   trial   started,   the   organization   issued   another   press   release,   distributing   three   specific   clarifications.     One,   Jeffs   and   his   local   FLDS-Mormon   Polygamy   sect   do   not   represent   pro-polygamists   nationwide.     Two,   the   national   polygamy   rights   movement   for   consenting-adults   has   always   opposed   Jeffs.     And   three,   none   of   Jeffs'   charges   involved   polygamy   anyway. 
Nationwide,   normal   pro-polygamists   are   glad   that   Jeffs   was   convicted   on   September   25,   2007.     He   never   represented   the   national   movement.     Implying   that   Warren   Jeffs   represents   all   pro-polygamists   is   as   offensively   slanderous   as   saying   that   Mary   Kay   Letourneau   represents   all   teachers.     Any   media   that   suggested   otherwise   has   fully   revealed   their   intentionally   dishonest   reporting. 


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