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Anti-Polygamy Idiocy: Foley Proves GOP are all 'Gay' Pederasts

Date: Oct 06, 2006
Word Count: 750 words
Cross-Reference: Mark Foley, scandal, homosexual, Warren Jeffs, anti-polygamy

The Autumn 2006 scandal of Republican Representative, Mark Foley, who was caught sending homosexual, salacious emails to underaged males, created a powerful tool for exposing the idiocy of the most commonly used argument of anti-polygamists.

The   word,   "idiocy,"   according   to,   means,   "utterly   senseless   or   foolish."     Accordingly,   one   of   the   most   commonly   used   arguments   used   by   anti-polygamists   -   the   exploitation   of   anecdote   to   define   all   -   clearly   falls   into   that   definition.       And   as   a   new   scandal   swarmed   around   the   Republican-controlled   U.S.   House   of   Representatives   on   September   29,   2006,   a   rhetorical   tool   was   thereby   created   with   which   to   immediately   expose   the   obvious   idiocy   of   that   most   commonly   used   anti-polygamy   argument. 
Mark   Foley   was   one   of   the   incumbent   Representatives   from   Florida.     As   a   Republican,   he   served   in   various   capacities,   including   being   co-chairman   of   the   Congressional   Missing   and   Exploited   Children's   Caucus.     On   June   18,   2003,   Rep.   Foley   urgently   called   for   an   investigation   into   a   nudist   camp   for   pre-teens   and   teens   in   Florida.     On   March   9,   2005,   Foley   introduced   a   bill   in   Congress   to   ban   "child   modeling"   websites   which   he   declared   were   only   used   as   a   "fix   for   pedophiles." 
In   November   2005,   however,   Rep.   Foley   had   been   caught   sending   some   rather   "flirtatious"   email   to   a   16   year   old   male   congressional   page.     He   had   also   been   reported   to   have   sent   even   more   illicit   text   messages   to   other   young   male   pages   as   far   back   as   2003.     Not   only   was   the   content   of   the   communications   obviously   homosexual   and   salacious,   but   Foley   was   sending   them   to   underaged   males   -   teenagers   whose   families   trusted   their   safety   in   Washington   D.C.   as   congressional   pages.     Scandalous!     Here   was   a   Republican   congressman   behaving   homosexually   -   and   he   was   doing   so   toward   underaged   males.    
As   the   scandal   broke,   Foley   immediately   resigned,   publicly   identifying   himself   as   "gay"   for   the   first   time   and   claiming   to   have   been   abused   by   clergy   when   he   was   young.     As   well,   the   Republican   Speaker   of   the   House,   Dennis   Hastert,   was   reported   to   have   allegedly   been   previously   informed   of   Foley's   behaviors   as   far   back   as   2003   –   but   had   not   taken   any   action.     Staffworkers   for   Speaker   Hastert   claimed   to   have   been   informed   about   Foley,   but   they   reportedly   chose   not   to   inform   the   Speaker.     Thereby,   Hastert   asserted   that   he   "did   not   know." 
Aside   from   making   allegations   of   cover-up,   though,   Democrats   really   would   not   have   much   else   to   use   against   Republicans   in   this   scandal.     There   were   also   reports   that   they,   too,   knew   about   Foley   -   yet   they   had   chosen   to   wait   until   near   the   November   7,   2006,   election   to   let   the   scandal   "break." 
So   how   else   could   Democrats   potentially   use   this   scandal   to   attack   Republicans?     Aside   from   the   double-edged   sword   of   making   cover-up   allegations,   Democrats   could   suggest   in   their   political   attack   ads   that   the   rare   example   of   Republican   Foley's   homosexual   attraction   for   teenage   males   supposedly   proves   that   all   Republicans   are   therefore   homosexual   pederasts. 
It,   obviously,   does   not   take   a   genius   to   recognize   the   idiocy   of   such   a   ridiculous   assertion.     And   even   most   Democrats   are   probably   not   likely   to   resort   to   such   an   argument,   ether.      
But   even   though   most   people   -   including   Democrats   -   would   likely   not   be   so   foolish   as   to   use   that   argument   there,   that   kind   of   idiocy   is   frequently   used   in   another   issue.     As   any   normal   pro-polygamist   will   testify,   anti-polygamists   use   it   incessantly   –   including   Democrats   and   Republicans.    
Citing   quite   rare   –   but   sensationalized   in   the   media   -   examples   of   older   men   with   underaged   females,   where   polygamy   just   happens   to   be   involved   too,   anti-polygamists   very   frequently   do   make   the   identical   argument.     Warren   Jeffs   -   the   leader   of   a   rogue   Mormon-based   sect,   the   Fundamentalist   Church   of   Jesus   Christ   of   Latter   Day   Saints   ("FLDS")   -   is   the   latest   example.     A   fugitive   on   the   FBI’s   Top   10   Most   Wanted   List,   he   was   eventually   captured   on   August   29,   2006   -   with   great   media   sensationalism.     Anti-polygamists   exploited   the   "accomplice   to   child   rape"   charges   against   Jeffs   to   assert   that   such   charges   are   supposedly   definitive   of   all   polygamists.     They   refused   to   acknowledge   that   Jeffs'   unique   form   of   Mormon   Polygamy   is   different   from   other   forms,   and   that   it   is   even   more   different   than   such   benevolent   forms   as   Christian   Polygamy.      
It   does   not   matter   how   many   times   or   how   loudly   that   normal,   consenting-adult   pro-polygamists   voice   their   opposition   to   Warren   Jeffs,   criminals,   and   abusers.     Anti-polygamists   still   insist   on   defining   all   polygamists   by   such   rare   examples.     But   such   "anecdote   defines   all"   argument   is   obviously   "utterly   senseless"   –   the   very   definition   of   idiocy. 
And   that   is   how   the   Foley   scandal   instantly   exposes   that   idiocy.     To   say   that   Warren   Jeffs'   "FLDS   marriages"   of   underaged   females   proves   that   all   polygamists   are   child   raping   criminals   is   as   utterly   senseless   as   saying   that   Mark   Foley's   homosexual   communications   with   underaged   males   proves   that   all   Republicans   are   homosexual   pederasts. 
The   argument   proves   nothing   except   the   idiocy   of   the   argument   itself.


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