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No Marriage Amendment by 2nd Anniversary of Lawrence v. Texas

Date: Jun 26, 2005
Word Count: 400 words
Cross-Reference: Lawrence v. Texas, 2nd anniversary, Pro-polygamists

Two years after the landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision, conservative pro-polygamists celebrate passage of another anniversary without passage of a big government federal marriage amendment.

Old   Orchard   Beach,   MAINE,   June   26,   2005     --   --     Two   years   ago,   the   U.S.   Supreme   Court   decided   Lawrence   v.   Texas.     Today,   as   is   observed   using   that   anniversary   to   debut   its   web-site's   re-design,   pro-polygamists   in   general   are   happily   marking   that   decision's   second-year   anniversary. 
Mark   Henkel,   the   national   polygamy   advocate   and   founder   of   the   (non-Mormon)   Christian   Polygamy   organization,   (   ),   noted,   "Two   years   after   that   decision,   there   is   still   no   federal   marriage   amendment.     Yes,   we   are   quite   happy   that   such   conservatism-turned-liberalism   has   not   succeeded   so   far." 
But   the   battle   is   far   from   over.     Several   state   marriage   amendments   were   passed   and   many   marriage   amendment   leaders   still   demand   a   federal   version. 
While   sympathetic   to   such   conservative   reactions,   conservative   pro-polygamists   note   that   the   amendment   tactic   to   address   the   biological   impossibility   of   "gay   marriage"   is   more   liberal   and   dangerous   than   the   issue   itself.     Tactically,   the   true   conservative   solution   is   that   of   limited   government. 
Henkel   explained,   "'Government   marriage'   has   no   association   with   actually   Biblical   marriage.     The   Bible's   polygamous   heroes   never   needed   'government   marriage.'     Indeed,   no   one   in   the   Bible   was   ever   married   'by   government.'     So,   really,   any   marriage   amendment   is   not   Biblical   and   only   seeks   to   more   liberally   codify   'government   marriage'   socialism." 
From   limited   government   principles,   any   government   that   is   liberally   authorized   to   re-define   marriage   any   one   particular   way   -   such   as,   "one   man,   one   woman"   -   is   just   as   liberally   authorized   to   later   re-define   it   another   way   -   to   even   include   "same   sex   marriage."    
"That's   not   protection,"   said   Henkel.   "Even   passed   amendments   can   be   repealed.     That's   why   the   obvious   liberalism   of   a   big   government   marriage   amendment   genuinely   does   not   protect   true   marriage.     It   actually   jeopardizes   marriage   while   simultaneously   justifying   even   more   socialist   government." 
Removing   big   government   from   marriage   equally   removes   any   arguments   for   legalized   "homosexual   marriage."     Thereby,   no   one   would   be   forced   to   recognize   any   other   asserted   forms   of   marriage   -   real,   fictional,   or   otherwise. 
"That   is   the   true   conservative   position   of   limited   government   and   why   it   would   more   accurately   value   real   Biblical   marriage,'"   explained   Henkel. 
Even   so,   since   the   first-year   anniversary   of   Lawrence   v.   Texas   a   year   ago,   the   federal   marriage   amendment   failed   in   both   Congressional   houses.     "While   the   Republican-turning-liberal   Party   subsequently   won   the   2004   election,"   commented   Henkel,   "one   state   amendment   has   already   been   overturned   and   the   required   support   to   ratify   another   federal   attempt   remains   insufficient." 
Reaching   the   second   anniversary   passage   without   any   federal   marriage   amendment   passage,   polygamy   activists   are   indeed   optimistic. 


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