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USA TODAY Op-Ed Copies Pro-Polygamy Organization's Arguments

Date: Oct 14, 2004
Word Count: 400 words
Cross-Reference: Jonathan Turley, constitutional professor, USA TODAY

The pro-polygamy arguments used in op-ed by constitutional professor, Jonathan Turley, are the same arguments taught by

Old   Orchard   Beach,   MAINE,   Oct.   14     -   --   Mark   Henkel,   national   polygamy   advocate   and   founder   of   the   (non-Mormon)   Christian   polygamy   organization,,   responded   with   mixed   emotions   to   a   USA   TODAY   article   on   October   3,   2004. 
The   op-ed,   "Polygamy   laws   expose   our   own   hypocrisy,"   was   written   by   noted   constitutional   law   professor,   Jonathan   Turley. 
Although   Henkel's   organization   is   disappointed   by   what   they   perceive   as   some   unwitting   plagiarism   in   the   op-ed,   they   are   also   grateful. 
All   of   the   arguments   used   in   the   op-ed   are   the   same   arguments   which   Henkel   says   has   been   teaching   for   years.     Said   Henkel,   "It   was   like   reading   something   written   by   someone   who   has   been   studying   my   writings,   press   releases,   and   media   interviews   for   a   long   time." 
To   Henkel,   one   argument   which   stands   out   more   loudly   than   others   as   being   apparently   plagiaristic   is   where   Turley   wrote,   "banning   polygamy   is   no   more   a   solution   to   child   abuse   than   banning   marriage   would   be   a   solution   to   spousal   abuse." 
In   most   of   the   tape-recorded   media   interviews   which   Henkel   has   done,   he   has   said,   "Banning   polygamy   to   prevent   some   criminal   child   abusers   is   as   ridiculous   as   banning   monogamy   to   prevent   some   vicious   wife   beaters."     That   specific   argument   is   a   deliberate   rhetorical   "soundbite,"   directly   attributable   to   Henkel. 
"Seeing   that   argument   used   is   like   seeing   my   own   words   said   back   to   me.     It's   very   gratifying   to   see,   yes,"   admitted   Henkel.     "But   it   is   somewhat   disappointing   that   neither   Professor   Turley   nor   USA   TODAY   gave   our   organization   the   proper   attribution   in   so   using   all   our   arguments.    
"Consequently,   the   whole   ensuing   debate   goes   forward   without   even   allowing   us   to   be   involved   in   that   discussion   --   even   though   is   where   the   arguments   were   framed   in   the   first   place." 
Among   others,   groups   such   as   the   Traditional   Values   Coalition   and   the   Baptist   Press   have   responded   to   the   op-ed   by   citing   them   as   "Turley's   arguments."     But   Professor   Turley   admits   that   he   "personally   detests   polygamy."     Hence,   they   were   never   "Turley's   arguments"   anyway. 
"Like   USA   TODAY,   those   organizations   receive   our   press   releases,"   said   Henkel.     "They   know   full-well   about,   our   organization,   and   our   arguments.     But   rather   than   debating   our   arguments   with   us,   they   deliberately   respond   to   'Turley's   arguments'   instead   --   knowing   that   he   does   not   personally   support   polygamy.     So   they   prevent   an   honest   debate   about   'polygamy   rights.'" 
Even   so,   a   noted   Constitutional   professor   using's   arguments   vindicates   their   organization's   fight   for   "polygamy   rights."        
"And   we   very   much   appreciate   that,"   said   Henkel.   "To   Mr.   Turley,   we   say,   'Thank   you,   sir.'" 


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