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'New Liberal' Bush disappoints Conservative Polygamists

Date: Feb 25, 2004
Word Count: 500 words
Cross-Reference: Bush, Marriage Amendment, New Liberals

Conservative polygamy activists were disappointed by President Bush's caving in to "New Liberal" support of the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Old   Orchard   Beach,   Maine   ---   Conservative   polygamy   activists   had   been   noting   that,   until   recently,   President   Bush   had   not   outrightly   supported   the   proposed   Federal   Marriage   Amendment.     In   his   State   of   the   Union   address,   Bush   had   only   supported   the   constitutional   "process."    
A   series   of   news   events   in   February,   2004,   however,   changed   everything. 
The   Massachusetts   Supreme   Judicial   Court   re-affirmed   its   Goodridge   decision.     Massachusetts   may   not   exclusively   license   heterosexual   civil   marriages   and   simultaneously   create   civil   unions   for   others.     Subsequently,   the   city   of   San   Francisco,   California,   and   a   county   in   New   Mexico   both   began   defying   their   respective   state   laws,   issuing   civil   marriage   licenses   to   "same-sex   couples."     On   February   24th,   President   Bush   responded   by   officially   announcing   his   support   for   the   marriage   amendment. 
Mark   Henkel,   national   polygamy   advocate   and   founder   of   the   Christian   polygamy   ---   non-Mormon   ---   organization,     (   ),   expressed   his   disappointment   in   the   announcement.     "As   a   constitutionalist   conservative,   I   am   sad   to   see   that   the   supposed-to-be   conservative   President   has   now   joined   --what   I've   dubbed   as--   the   'New   Liberals.'" 
Henkel   argues   that   true   conservatism   is   about   the   rights   of   the   individual   and   limited   government.     In   his   view,   a   rapidly   rising   number   of   "alleged   conservatives"   are   now   reversing   those   principles   as   an   ideology. 
President   Bush's   latest   announcement   stated   that   it   was   important   for   government   to   protect   an   important   "social   institution"   as   marriage.     To   Henkel,   that   is   liberalism.     "As   a   Christian   who   supports   the   true   Biblical   marriages   of   polygamists   Abraham,   Israel,   Moses,   and   David,   I   do   understand   not   supporting   homosexual   practices.     Even   so,   using   the   false   god   of   big   socialist   government   for   any   form   of   social   engineering   is   ungodly   and   purely   liberal. 
"And   so   is   'let-the-majority-rule   democracy.'     Many   'New   Liberals'   used   to   rightly   cry,   'Democracy   is   two   wolves   and   one   sheep   voting   on   what's   for   dinner.'     But   now,   it's,   'Let   the   collective   decide.'     The   rights   of   'the   people'   over   the   constitutional   rights   of   the   non-criminal   individual   is   Marxist   collectivism.     That's   more   than   just   liberalism.     It's   socialism." 
Henkel   also   says   that   the   marriage   amendment   is   being   sold   via   deceptive   demagoguery.     "The   'New   Liberals'   sell   it   as   supposedly   'protecting   marriage,'   which   most   people   support,   of   course.     But   it's   not   about   real   marriage.     It   certainly   has   nothing   to   do   with   the   Bible's   definition,   which   never   once   used   the   false   god   of   government   for   marriage.     Actually,   the   amendment   is   only   about   protecting   the   idolatrous   idea   of   'government   marriage,'   known   as   civil   marriage.     Good   people   are   getting   demagoguery   instead   of   having   that   important   difference   explained."    
Henkel   believes   that   Bush   and   others   like   him   have   simply   caved   in   to   that   misrepresentation   out   of   an   otherwise   genuine   desire   to   stand   up   for   true   marriage. 
According   to   Henkel,   "If   you   really   want   to   protect   true   marriage   with   a   capital-M,   then   stop   abominating   it   with   the   liberal   and   ungodly   social   engineering   idea   of   'government   marriage.'       Do   the   truly   conservative   thing.     As   I   have   been   saying   for   years,   get   the   false   god   of   big   socialist   government   out   of   marriage   altogether.     Then   no   one   will   have   to   recognize,   support,   or   interfere   with   anyone   else's   decisions   about   marriage   ---whether   it's   real,   fictional,   or   otherwise." 


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